SGA Weak in Numbers Strong in Direction

By: Andrew Clay


Due to lack of attendance, the Student Government Association at Troy University was unable to call for a vote or a ratification of any potential legislation on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

SGA require a quorum or two-thirds majority in order to ratify the minutes from the previous meeting or vote.

The meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. It opened in typical fashion with a prayer, followed by the pledge of allegiance and the mission statement.

The first order of business was to recognize that there was no quorum followed by the recognition of Trojan Vision and the Tropolitan as guests. Directly after the announcement, SGA was broken up into the six committees for five minutes to discuss their progress.

When the committee meetings were finished, SGA was reconvened for announcements. The Academic Life committee announced that it will be asking for improvements to the current registration process, specifically for undeclared majors, also that the MAPP test is required of juniors before they are allowed to register for senior classes.

We are seeking a better and more efficient registration process for our constituents,” Amy Canada a Senator at Large said.

Student Life followed with an announcement concerning the upcoming SGA elections and Greek Night. Applications for interested parties to run in the vacancy elections are due by Friday, Jan. 25.

The elections will take place the following Wednesday, Jan. 30.

The committee encouraged attendance, of Greek Night by the members of all Greek Society and those present at the meeting.

The Publicity Committee again mentioned the vacancy election and that all SGA members should invite 10 friends to join the soon to be made Facebook event concerning the election.

The Student Welfare, as well as the Rules committees, both announced that they had nothing to report.

Following the announcement by the committees, it was again stated that without a quorum no new business could be conducted and it was left to executive members to make announcements.

President Will Thompson thanked the members for their continued hard work and asked them to remember that they were present to serve the student body and to strive to finish the semester strong. He also announced that Vice President Cody Farrill would be meeting with Athletic Director John Hartwell regarding an Athletic Affinity program.

“The Athletic Affinity program is something we will partner with the Athletic department to encourage the student body to attend all athletic events.” President Will Thompson said.

This would most likely result in the consultation of SGA focus groups and a committee to govern the process. Remaining executive members announced that the nomination applications for Troy’s Most Outstanding Women applications are available and due on Friday, Feb. 15

They also announced that attendance is important and absences must be excused, also that all meeting are open for anyone to audit.

“I would encourage everybody to attend an SGA meeting,” Thompson said. “They are 6:30 every Tuesday night in Hal Hall in the room of honor.”

Also the election of a new set of executive members will be voted on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and applications are due Friday, Feb. 15.

Although allowed to run for re-election, current president, Will Thompson will not be seeking a second term as Troy’s SGA president. The floor was then recognized for announcement and it was brought to the Senate’s attention that the Conversation Partners program is looking for participants.

The meeting was closed with the recognition of present members with January and February birthdays followed by a rendition of the Trojan fight song. After the meeting, SGA members were welcome to stay and share in celebratory mini cupcakes.

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