SGA welcomes new members to office

by Belle Johnson

Troy University’s Student Government Association will welcome new members of its Executive Office starting next year, and they are already focusing on their plans for the new school year.

Theo Thoenes will serve as SGA President, Max Cooper as Executive Vice President, Betsy Bennett as Vice President of Campus Affairs, and Ally Price as Executive Secretary. Elizabeth McMahan was elected the Vice President-Elect of Internal Affairs after a runoff election.

One of the goals of the new officers is to get students more involved in SGA and in events on campus. 

“SGA is the channel through which students are able to voice their concerns, share their input, and provide insight as to how Troy University can be improved,” said  Thoenes, a sophomore risk management insurance major from Decatur, Alabama. “Furthermore, I would like to engage with our student organizations in receiving this feedback.

 “Every student community has value and deserves to be heard, recognized, and have access to the resources SGA provides.”

“My biggest goal as EVP is to get people involved, but more excited about SGA,”  Cooper, a junior data analytics major from Trussville, Alabama. “That is what my entire campaign was about. I wanted to get people talking about SGA and excited about these elections because when people are more involved in SGA, we have a better chance of representing them well.”

Plans are already being made by the new elects for the upcoming school year.

Bennett, a sophomore global business major from Eufaula, Alabama, said she is going to build on the work of the current executive officers by continuing to have two Homecoming competition divisions, an initiative started last semester to give smaller organizations a better opportunity to participate. Bennett said she wants all students to feel more included during Pep Rallies.

“Planning Homecoming, Welcome Week, and Pep Rallies are three of the biggest roles I have,” Bennett said “I am going to work hard to make sure that those events are fun, inclusive, and will make people proud to be a Trojan. 

“I am especially wanting to get more involvement in Pep rallies, so I am definitely going to get feedback with that; but I’m wanting to implement maybe two spirit sticks: one for those larger organizations and one for the smaller groups with lesser numbers.”

Thoenes said he plans to start new initiatives and programs for students.

“I plan to host a student market where individuals can sell goods and services, showcasing their talents and passions,” Thoenes said. “I plan to host Troy University’s second TEDx conference featuring renowned speakers in order to highlight our university as well as provide students with knowledge and insight. 

“Lastly, I will engage in conversations with our city leaders to advocate for a ride-sharing service to Troy.”

All the officer-elects said they felt honored to be chosen for these roles. They will be inaugurated later this semester. 

“I am determined and excited to complete the tasks related to this position to the very best of my ability,”  Thoenes said. “After receiving so many kind words from students and faculty regarding my success, I am more eager than ever to work with the members of our SGA to make progress at Troy University.”

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