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Chase Robinson

Copy Editor

A resolution to begin efforts to build a new recreational facility on campus was introduced and put on docket at Tuesday night’s Student Government Association meeting.

The resolution, sponsored by Faith Mote, chairwoman of the student welfare committee and a junior communications major from Pelham, would establish a fee to be collected at the same time as tuition.

The fee could be put in place as soon as the fall semester of 2014, but it would not be formally put in place until a building timeline is established.

The fee would apply to students classified as freshmen, sophomores or juniors when it is established.

Current juniors and seniors would be exempt from the fee because they will graduate before the facility is completed.

SGA President Cody Farrill, a senior political science major from Panama City, Fla., pointed out that many members of the SGA would graduate before the facility can be completed. “We’re working for the future of Troy,” Farrill said.

The resolution states that the SGA would be serving students “with their finances in mind.” The fee would be capped at $125, which Farrill compared to the price of a biology textbook.

Farril added that the fee will not be charged during summer semesters.

Farrill also said that current plans are for the facility to be built in Sartain Hall and completed in 2016, but these plans are not finalized.

The resolution must still be voted on, and, if passed, it will go before the board of trustees.

It will have to go before the board before an official estimate on the cost and completion date can be given.

Resolutions to add a crosswalk in front of the Newman Center and address traffic flow issues in the parking lot for the Newman Center and the nursing building were also put on docket.

Farrill’s appointments of Lee Tatum to chief justice and Hannah Louise Dungan to associate justice on the Supreme Court were approved.

The Students for Social Justice constitution was passed, and the Campus Carry constitution was tabled for one week.

It was also announced that elections for SGA vacancies will be held Jan. 29. For more information about elections, visit the student services office.

SGA welcomes all students to attend weekly meeting, held Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in Trojan Center 119.


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