by Jaelanne Thomas

Aries: Even though these hands may be rated E for everyone, try to not to get in a fist fight this week. We all know words can be deadlier than hands. In other news, positive changes should be coming soon to an Aries near you.

Taurus: We know that you like to overwork yourself to keep the demons away in that pretty little mind of yours. We also know Tauruses like to overspend on nice things. Maybe the best buy for a Taurus this time will be therapy.

Gemini:  The elders in the Gemini will have valuable information that will be beneficial. The Gemini’s hard work in their lives will be acknowledged. Also learn to rest with feelings this week. 

Cancer: Please do better with savings and stop overspending. Maybe stop buying plushies for three months and also stop stalking your exes homes?! Your suggestion to avoid future crime is to hang out with friends and keep the mind from wandering this weekend.  Maybe now’s the time to focus on work.

Leo: You will be getting great news this week. Make sure to check with family and friends to feel whole again. Yes, Leos may need the spotlight, but even a diva needs a support system to stay balance.

Virgo: Okay… maybe the workaholic thing is working out and actually paying off. Keep up the good work! Make this week memorable, go on great adventures and have fun! Also, this will be a good time to think about the goals and desires in life this week.

Libra: The shopaholic themselves need to stop shopping…bummer. But if they do, their saving accounts will look great afterwards. 

Scorpio: Your family is your biggest support, make sure to show how great they are every now and then. Learn to be understanding instead of forcing others to do so, and vice versa.

Sagittarius: Try to connect with family and friends more. Also take your career or job seriously. Big changes will take place this week, so be prepared.

Capricorn: Let the past be in the past. Do some soul searching and learn to forgive and forget.  

Aquarius: This week will be a time to use your communication skills and find those who are great communicators. Take some time to enjoy the small things in life.

Pisces: Okay little guppy…learn to listen to the body, soul and mind this week. Be the master of the ship the captain of the soul. Take control and steal all the booty. ARGGGHHHHH

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