by Jaelanne Thomas

Aries – You may have conflict with someone from last week that may encourage you to see that they are only human. Learn to speak with understanding and grace. Even a warrior like yourself must learn to forgive… but never forget.

Taurus– Spend time with your friends, step out of your work environment and enjoy the little things. Realign with your dreams and ambitions. Everything else will fall into place when you least expect it. Work hard, play hard.

Gemini – It’s time for you to be single and want to mingle. Make plans for a future. Also, it’s okay to be two faced – it just means you would make a good spy!

Cancer – It’s okay to cry and to be sad sometimes. It’s just not okay to commit war crimes in the act of passion. 

Leo – It’s okay not to always be glamorous and right all the time. It’s also okay not be the center of attention all the time. Acknowledge you are human but still are great in your own way.

Virgo– Things don’t tend to work out in your favor, but sometimes you need to learn to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. Just because someone doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean you need to fix them all the time.

Libra – You will possibly be expected a love offering from someone amongst your friend group soon! If it’s someone you only see platonically, steer clear and not lead them on. Also be conscious of your caffeine intake.

Scorpio – Not everything deserves aggression. Use your passion and obsession for better, and strive for greatness in all aspects of your life. Also, just because you feel you have to punch someone in the face, doesn’t always mean you should.

Sagittarius – You are naturally a wonderer and spiritual individual, but maybe it’s time to not wonder from your problems and hope they resolve themselves, but face them head on.

Capricorn – Don’t be hard on yourself just because things aren’t working out in certain areas of your life. Know it’s only temporary. Whatever you are hoping to gain in your life will be yours sooner rather than later. 

Aquarius – You may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, but everything will be revealed in due time. Enjoy the small things while taking over the world with your alien military.

Pisces – You are at crossroad with life, but whatever path you decide to walk just know that your hard work will pay off. In the meantime, don’t give up on your goals. A great wall is built one brick at a time. 

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