Single Girls Guide records album of songs from musical

Madison Griggs
Staff Writer

After weeks of rehearsal, countless performances and a trip to Virginia, the cast of Troy’s Single Girls Guide has stepped off of the stage and into the recording booth. About two and a half weeks ago, writer Tommy Newman decided he wanted to make a CD composed of all the songs from the musical.
“It’s not really an album; it won’t be available for sale. It’s more of a record of our work,” Newman said. The CD is being engineered by music business students Josh Stark and Isaiah Sheridan, and it should be complete by the end of the semester.
“It’s not an opportunity that comes around very often. The students get to see another facet of the entertainment business. They get to see what a real actor who does original shows does,” Newman said.
The Single Girls Guide was first showcased in Albany, N.Y., and Newman said, “I didn’t expect that we’d be able to do it at Troy.”
Senior theater major Grace Bailey, who brought the character of Emma to life, explains her initial feelings when she heard what the cast would be doing.
“It was really exciting. We’ve never gotten the chance to professionally document our work,” Bailey said. Like Newman, she didn’t expect to do so much with the show.
“It’s not that I didn’t have faith in it – it’s really great. It’s just all so surreal,” Bailey said. When it comes to the recording process itself, it’s new to most of the cast.
“You have to do it in layers, so it’s kind of difficult. Sometimes you have to sing the same thing three or four times. It’s really demanding, and it’s a long process, but it’s really rewarding. We’re all family at this point so it’s very fun,” Bailey said.
Through everything they’ve done with the show, it’s not surprising that the cast has become very close and is attached to the show.
“We’ve never had the opportunity to be a part of something like this,” Bailey said. “We’re so much a part of the work. The show is Tommy Newman’s baby, and it’s turned into all of our babies.”
Though the CD won’t be for sale, Newman’s intention for it will be to add to Troy’s portfolio, and to get Troy’s name out there.
“No other school is doing what we’re doing, and no other theater is doing it with undergrads,” Newman said.

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