Sodexo cuts some campus food prices

Alyse Nelson
Features Editor
Last semester the Trop spoke to Sodexo General Manager Ibrahim Yildirim about the price disparity between the convenience stores on campus and stores off campus.
The concern some students had was that, after being forced to purchase some type of meal plan, they then get less than they would if allowed to spend it off campus. This is especially true for freshmen, who are required to live on campus and purchase full meal plans.
“We are here not to take money from the students, but to provide for the students,” Yildirim said about the matter. “Without the students, none of us are here.”
At Herb’s Place, the largest of the two convenience stores on campus, students were, among other high prices, paying $2 for candy bars and $6.30 for a pint of ice cream.
After looking at a list of prices from the store, Yildirim admitted that some had been entered incorrectly into the system and said he would see about getting those adjusted.
This semester, students will find their Flex Points disappearing more slowly. The prices for both of the items mentioned above have been cut almost in half, and more items are marked lower than they were previously.

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