Softball offense features old and new pitchers

(PHOTO/April Irvin)


Megan Phillips 

Staff Writer


While fans anxiously anticipate the start of the 2014 season, the ladies of the Troy Trojan’s softball team have already been hard at work preparing to make this year one to remember.

Throughout the fall the team stayed in shape and on top of their game through the use of scrimmage games that allowed them an opportunity to get comfortable on the field. The team even played in a mini mock world series against themselves allowing the girls to not only get a feel for their fielding positions, but also for how they would come together as a whole.

“During the fall season, we want to work on fundamentals of positions: hitting, pitching, catching,” associate head coach Sharon O’Mara said. “As we transition into January, fitness has been a focus, and now we want to work on getting everyone comfortable in their positions and bringing the team together.”

The road to this season hasn’t been an easy one with the team taking the bumps in the road in stride, working around the construction on their new home field by practicing at the Troy recreational facilities.

“While it has been challenging to move our equipment and players, I don’t feel like it has had a major impact,” O’Mara said. “It has given the girls a way to appreciate this new facility even more.”

In the field, this year looks to be full of promise and opportunity as the team prepares a roster of varied ages and levels of experience, and one of the largest pitching rosters the lady Trojans have ever had.

“We’re coming in with two freshmen pitchers who also hit well, providing us with the hitting and pitching option,” O’Mara said. “We also have a junior transfer student who has had a great impact, and I really see her adding to this season.”

The pitching roster also sports returning redshirt Ashley Rainey as well as the return of last year’s pitchers Sarah Thomas, Jaycee Affeldt and left-handed Rachel Rigney, a true freshman who played last season and made an impact on the team.

With the season looming so near, the team can see their date with the Auburn Tigers drawing just beyond the horizon.

“We will be on the new field, and I think confidence will be a big thing with the girls,” O’Mara said. “It’s one pitch at a time, we need good at bat and we need good fielding. Auburn is not going to be an easy opponent, but if we play with confidence and a little bit of luck along the way, then we are ready.”

The lady Trojans begin their season here at home on Thursday, Feb. 6at 3 p.m., to be followed immediately by the Troy Subway Invitational.

“We open here at home with some big games against big opponents like Auburn and Alabama, and we would love to see support from the student body here at home while we can,” O’Mara said.

The ladies will then be on the road constantly until March 26 when they take up conference play against South Alabama.

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