Some students face struggles with TransLoc

Pradyot Sharma

Staff Writer

Troy University transportation services partners with the TransLoc application to provide real, live-time tracking for its users to track shuttle bus routes for students.

Some students have been questioning the effectiveness of the TransLoc app, while others have not faced any problems.

“The main problem I have had with the application is that it is not entirely accurate on the route that the bus takes,” said Matthew Knopps, a sophomore accounting major from Pell City. “It doesn’t actually show on the app where I live as a pickup location, so you cannot actually use the alert functions correctly.”

Knopps lives at Troy Villages at Walnut Creek, which is listed on the orange route but does not show up as a part of the route on the application.

There are currently five shuttle routes operated, named the red, blue, green, purple and orange lines, which all travel to different locations off campus.

“Sometimes, if traffic is bad, the bus driver takes different routes, and I am not alerted because of that,” Knopps said.

According to Derrick Brewster, the assistant dean of student services, the university has done its part in providing location details to TransLoc but is waiting on the company to update the location details on the app.

“With the orange route, we are still working with TransLoc to update it with the longitude and latitude we sent to them, and they assured me that they will have it done by some point this semester,” Brewster said.

Fahad Farouque, a junior computer science major from Dhaka, Bangladesh, said he has not found many problems with the app.

“The app has been very useful as far as it helps me track when the bus gets to my house, and I don’t have to worry about being late,” Farouque said. “The only issue is that it does not always update on time, but I have mostly had a positive experience.”

Rimsha Shahi, a sophomore computer science major from Kathmandu, Nepal, said sometimes the buses do not come when they are scheduled.

“The shuttle buses sometimes don’t run on time or don’t come at all,” Shahi said. “I waited for the bus for half an hour once; because of this, I have been late for class and even missed them before.”

Bus drivers have the discretion to decide how long they wait for students at the Trojan Center bus stop, according to Brewster.

“The drivers have operated on a route for over two months now and have a better idea of when students are done with classes at certain times,” Brewster said.

According to Ashli Morris, a senior political science major from Athens and Student Government Association president, she has not experienced problems, nor have students expressed them to the SGA.

“I have used this app a couple of times and had no issue with it,” Morris said. “However, this isn’t an issue that has been brought to our attention.”

Any inquiries on transportation can be directed to 334-670-3203.

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