Sorority Hill is Haunted?

When strange sounds echo through the halls and the air is deathly still, that is when the ghosts on Sorority Hill are present and practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.

Or at least that’s what some of the sisters of both Kappa Delta and Phi Mu sororities claim. Even though science cannot prove the existence of ghosts, many young women claim that supernatural entities are especially active on Sorority Hill.

Some members say one explanation as to why the houses might be haunted is that the area was once an orphanage, and the souls of departed children still roam the halls of each of the houses.

One ghost, whom the sisters call Charles, haunts the Phi Mu house. He causes a ruckus by flinging open doors and drawers, knocking over objects and messing with the lights.

Maddy Mallick, a junior risk management major from Niceville, Florida, has not experienced too much paranormal activity despite the fact she lives in the room where Charles is said to have passed away. However, she says she has the constant feeling of being watched.

“I haven’t had too many experiences with him [Charles], but you can always feel his presence in the house,” Mallick said. “It can just be someone watching, but no one’s there, or someone walking by a room, but no one was walking by.”

Savannah Brazzell, a senior nursing major from Alexander City, Alabama, lives in the Kappa Delta house and also finds herself feeling uneasy from the feeling that someone else is there.

“At night, there is always a creepy vibe, like the presence of something supernatural,” Brazzell said. “Sometimes, we will see an aura move in the room next to where we all sit.”

Some of the sisters claim to have seen the ghost with their own eyes. Brazzell says she has been in the house alone while the ghost was out and about.

“One time I was the only one in the house because everyone left for Thanksgiving, and it sounded like someone was cooking in the kitchen,” Brazzell said.  “Sometimes, I’ll be the last to go to bed, and I will lock all the doors and turn the lights off and when I wake up at 5:00 a.m. for clinical, the door will be unlocked.”

Another witness from the Kappa Delta house is a sophomore nursing major named Marybeth Porter.

She says she has had experiences with the ghost disrupting her and her roommates’ studies by messing with their light.

“My Kappa Delta LED light has a mode to be a strobe light and the only way it can turn on is if you mash the mode button,” Porter said. “Sometimes, while my friend and I are studying, it will turn on out of nowhere without either of us touching the remote.” Skeptics might say that the eerie feeling of being watched could be paranoia, the glowing orbs are just light dancing across the walls and the slamming doors were closed by a strong gust from the air conditioning unit. However, if you are feeling skeptical, maybe you should give one of these houses a visit…if you dare!

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