Sorority road being repaved

Cassie Gibbs

News Editor

The parking issue on campus has been addressed, at least at Sorority Hill.

Four years ago, the Student Government Association, under the leadership of William Fillmore, passed a resolution to have the parking lots behind the sorority houses repaved.

According to Erin Salter, a junior nursing major from Orange Beach, a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and president of the Panhellenic Council, this was a much-needed renovation.

“It will definitely help with the morale of the sororities,” Salter said. “Before, with the issue of not having enough parking space, things would get testy with parking in other sororities’ parking lots because there was no room.

“It was a terrible parking situation for all of us. Now we will have no more damage to our cars, which was a problem as well.”

Slayton Scott, a junior business major from Panama City Beach, Florida, and president of the Phi Mu sorority, also said that damage to cars was common at Sorority Hill.

“Before, it was hard,” Scott said. “Our cars would get messed up, and you would have to take your car to the shop.

“Now, driving will be better. There won’t be any potholes, and there will be no problem parking at the houses instead of at Elm Street gym.”

Mary Beth Wasden, a junior marketing major from Troy and president of Kappa Delta sorority, said that she also sees better parking experiences in the future after renovations are done.

“Our lot had several big holes,” Wasden said. “We are looking forward to a paved lot for the sake of our cars and simpler and easier parking.”

The reason behind a four-year wait for renovations is based on the decisions of the administration and availability of funds.

Matt Thompson, a junior accounting major from Montgomery and president of SGA, said: “Things with infrastructures and parking, it gets expensive. All we can do as an SGA is pass resolutions, such as that one. Whether they do something or not, it’s up to the administration to make that decision.”

Mark Salmon, director of Troy University’s physical plant, could not be reached for comment on the price of the renovations or how long the construction would last.

Barbara Patterson, director of student involvement and panhellenic adviser, said that sorority members were thankful for the start of the renovations.

“We are grateful to have the parking behind Sorority Hill repaved,” Patterson said. “The sorority women have had lots of damage to their cars over the years due to large potholes and the road washing away. This will be a wonderful improvement.”

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