Spanish films give inside perspective on foreign culture

Erin Jones

Staff Writer

The Spanish Film Club is hosting a free Spanish Film Festival in the first half of October to help students gain a perspective inside the Spanish media culture.

According to RaeAnn Dobler, a Spanish minor from Fort Wayne, Indiana, these films are “a direct reflection of the culture”  which give students “an inside perspective.”

Last week’s film, “Delicate Balance” in English or “Fragil Equilibrio” in Spanish, showed the different social cultures of Madrid, Tokyo and sub-Saharan communities and their respective struggles.

Dobler stressed the importance of learning about other cultures.

“To get a sense of how others live, that can give us a perspective and usually a sense of appreciation and gratitude,” Dobler said.

Other films scheduled for the festival, recount the struggles people may experience when conforming to society.

“(These films) reflect this idea of social unrest and change while others depict cultural norms of a particular country in comical and dramatic ways,” said Kelly Suero, a Spanish professor.

Suero also said these films are a great way to experience another culture. These films allow students to become more globally competitive and influence them to travel abroad.

More films will be shown in October,  all in Bibb Graves Hall, room 129 at 4 p.m.

“The Queen of Spain”, a comedy about a Spanish film actress named Macarena Granada, who plays the role of Isabella I of Castille and the drama that surrounds her, will be shown on Oct. 3.

“The Candito,” a drama detailing the struggle of a rich business man trying to fit into the middle class while running for presidency, will be shown on Oct. 10.

“On the Roof,” the story of three young friends who gather daily to tell stories on the rooftop, will be shown on Oct. 18.

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