Spectrum celebrates Halloween, hosts annual Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mynecia Steele

Staff Writer

In honor of Halloween, Spectrum Alliance hosted its annual Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This year’s turnout was larger than past showings, according to Julian Carroll, a junior political science major from Dayton, Ohio, and public relations chair of Spectrum.

This event “gives people a chance to dress up and go out and have some fun,” said Carleigh Sherman, a sophomore global business major from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and president of Spectrum Alliance.

Before the movie showing, a costume contest was held. The contest was free to enter, and the prize was a basket of candy. Sherman’s pet dog, Pippa, won the contest dressed as a dinosaur.

Throughout the movie, cues were given at the bottom of the screen. This gave the viewers a chance to interact with the movie.

Sherman gave a couple examples of how this game works. “So, when they make a toast you throw a piece of toast in the air,” Sherman said. “Or, during the party we put on little party hats.”

“I really liked it,” said Madison Green, a junior nursing major from Reno, Nevada. “We had prop bags and used confetti; got up, sang and danced to different songs. It was a good time overall.”

Taylor Warren, a freshman undeclared major from Panama City, Florida, goes to as many Rocky Horror Picture Show movie showings as she can.

She said that she loves the movie, and her hometown puts on a showing as well, but on a much larger scale.

“We usually do it at a big theatre, and we have people dressed as characters from the movie,” Warren said. “And everyone dances, not just the Time Warp.

“So, this was a lot smaller and calmer scale than I was accustomed to. But I’m in a bit of a smaller town with more young people that don’t know the wonders of this movie.”

Even though it was different from what she was used to, Warren enjoyed the event.

“I thought the event was a really great idea,” Warren said.

Flyers were made and posted around campus, and a ticket table was set up in the Trojan Center a week in advance for the event. Tickets were $3, and prop kits for the movie were $1.

The Spectrum Alliance plans to host more events in the fall. Sherman expressed her excitement for its upcoming second chance prom.

This event “is for anybody who didn’t get a chance to go to prom in high school, or had a really bad prom experience,” Sherman said. “And it gives them another opportunity to just have a good time and enjoy themselves.

“Even if you had a good time in high school, you can have an even better time here.”

Spectrum is “a safe place for queer students,” Carroll said. He explains that coming to college can be a challenging transition, and “especially isolating if you are queer.”

Spectrum is an organization that is open to all students. Their goal is to “provide a safe zone for students regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, religion,” Sherman said. “We try to educate the community about LGBTQ+ and promote diversity on campus.”

Carroll said Spectrum has provided a support structure and a place to make new friends.

Warren confirmed the outreach that Spectrum has accomplished.

“The Spectrum Alliance is an amazing club, where everyone is welcomed,” Warren said. “And I was very happy to be able to support them and have fun.”

This year the event was held at the Troy University Arboretum on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016.

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