Sports Management PhD Chosen Top 10 Nationally

Samuel Granville

Staff Writer 

Troy University’s Ph.D. in Sports Management has been named by Best Value Schools as one of the top 10 programs of its kind in the country. 

The rankings from the Provo, UT-based organization were generated through a formula based on the per-credit tuition rates and graduate enrollment rates for each school offering the program.

Dr. Anthony Dixon, professor and director of the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management in the Sorrell College of Business said that while a lot went into the rankings, he believes his faculty is responsible for earning the award. 

“If you’re asking me, my opinion certainly points to the faculty,” Dixon said. “The dedication, the time that they put in to provide the best quality program that they can for the students.

“If it were not for the faculty, we could not have received this award.”

The Ph.D. is an online program and Troy University was the first school to offer a Sports Management Ph.D. online in the United States.

“Every class has a component to where we meet with our students face to face within a team or virtual setting,” Dixon said. “We try to a least meet once a week, so (students) can interact with the faculty. 

“It’s not just online learning, its online learning with interaction with faculty and other students.”

Over the past two decades, the sports industry has grown into a $435 billion industry and jobs in sports are expected to grow for the foreseeable future.

“The field of sport management has been growing exponentially over the past decade or so,” Dixon said. “And the demand for people to work in academia, as well as the amateur and professional sports ring, is still growing as well.”

To find more information on Troy’s Ph.D. in Sports Management, contact program coordinator, Dr Win Koo at

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