Spring organization browse shows off involvement

Collin Willis


The event was meant to encourage student involvement for anyone looking to further expand their college experiences through networking and exploring common interests. 

Prior to this event, the university only hosted browse fairs during the summers, which were mainly tailored to incoming freshmen and transfer students. But this time around, the Student Involvement and Leadership Office wants people, no matter their classification, to take advantage of these opportunities.

Traci Leverett, the Coordinator of Student Involvement at Troy, believes being more involved in organizations makes for a more successful and enjoyable college experience.

“We want to showcase that there are all sorts of organizations that revolve around (student) interests and majors,” Leverett said. “So hopefully sophomores, juniors and even seniors can get involved and make some connections for their future.”

Leverett said there are currently more than 200 organizations available to students, and they range from nursing clubs and environmental community service, to bass fishing clubs and ultimate Frisbee teams.

“Even if no organizations fit in your interest, all you have to do is file an application to create your own,” Leverett said.

The browse fair showcased many clubs that were major-specific where students can expand on what they learn in the classroom. 

Kendrez White, a senior broadcast journalism major from Montgomery, Alabama, said he joined the National Association for Black Journalists because it has given him chances he would not have otherwise.

“I have met a lot of people outside of campus through this organization,” White said. “I actually get to go to Washington D.C. this summer to be involved in their annual meeting this year.”

Dalton Keel, a senior inland survey major from Alexander City, Alabama, is part of Compass Club — an organization that focuses on raising awareness for special needs people in the community.

“We are still a fairly new club just getting started,” Keel said. “But with Compass Club, I actually feel like we have a good purpose in being here.”

Leverett said taking the leap to join clubs helps most people come out of their shells and make friends and connections, which is especially beneficial to underclassmen.

Danasia Bell, a sophomore criminal justice and psychology major from Georgiana, Alabama, is hoping to find a community of people she fits with.

“I stop at the tables that catch my eye because if they can catch my eye, they can catch my heart,” Bell said. “I just want to make friends and socialize and be part of the Troy family.

“It’s only right to get involved.”

For more information about all the clubs and organizations that students can join, visit my.troy.edu/student-involvement/

Students can also go by the student involvement office at 215 Trojan Center and to discuss student organizations with the staff to help find a match.

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