Spring rush is a sucess 

by Sheldon Bloom 

Spring rush has concluded, and while fewer people rush Greek life during the spring than in the fall, many of those who do say the process offers a more unique and rewarding experience.

“Connections with each of my fraternity brothers was a lot more personal, which made it much easier to connect with people,” said Rod Talley, a freshman social science education major from LaGrange, Georgia, and a new member of Farmhouse fraternity.

A spring rush is also a great fit for students with abnormal schedules, as it often offers more convenient times for rush events. 

“I chose to rush because I was a transfer sophomore, and I figured I’d be overloaded if

I rushed as a junior,” said new Kappa Delta member, Zoie McGuyer, a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Florence, Alabama. “I wanted to make the most of my remaining college years, so I went ahead and rushed when I was less busy.” 

The excitement of rushing is not lost during the spring either, as bid day is an emotional event regardless.

“I was surrounded by a ton of love and joy,” McGuyer said. “It was an awesome experience, and I’ve never really felt anything like it. 

“The emotion was very overwhelming.”

Talley said rushing a fraternity has added to  his collegiate experience.

“Meeting people and building connections with others is much easier with Greek life,” Talley said. “It’s like having a college family, which is what I think being in a fraternity is all about.

 “It’s easier to build relationships with friends even if you’re more introverted or anti-social. There’s such a unique spread of different people that there’s always someone to connect with.” 

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