Steinway and Bach musicians start tour

Lacey Alexander
Staff Writer

Two of Troy University’s music professors are performing in a series of concerts featuring a Steinway piano.
The “Steinway Artist Concert Series” started with a concert in Long Hall on Friday, with other concerts scheduled in Montgomery, Dothan and Birmingham.
Hui-Ting Yang and Michael Huff will be performing as a duo, with the Steinway piano being the center and reason for the concerts. Yang will be playing the piano, and Huff will be playing the trumpet.
Recently, Yang was officially named a “Steinway Artist” after she was chosen to apply and was officially granted the honor in February.
“I went through a long process held in the Steinway Co.,” Yang said of the process. “You have to be a really active performer… It took about three months for them to decide.”
Troy University’s John M. Long School of Music became an All-Steinway school last year, meaning that all pianos used in the facility were from Steinway.
“We did this concert series because of these significant things and for our students,” Yang said. “They now get to practice on the best instrument in the world. It’s a really big step.”
Yang and Huff agree that this concert is beneficial for their students.
“As music students, they’re required to do a senior recital and perform on a daily basis,” Huff said. “What we’re trying to convey to them is how to do that at the highest levels.”
Yang has been playing the piano for 40  years and is currently teaching 15 students.
“Playing the piano, it’s a huge instrument… it’s a curse and a blessing,” Yang said.
Huff is also a Bach Trumpet artist.
“It’s a similar thing to being a Steinway artist … It’s one of the best possible instruments,” Huff said. “What they’re really looking for when choosing applicants is if you have an established reputation in your field.”
The concert will also be performed in the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts tonight, Sony Hall at the Dothan Troy Campus on Sept. 8, and the Alabama Piano Gallery in Birmingham on Sept. 11. All performances will take place at 7 p.m.
“It’s a connection to the community,” Huff said. “It’s representing Troy University and reaching out to alumni and benefactors.”

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