Stretch out with the Psychology Club

by PJ Heath

The Psychology Club invited students to attend a yoga class  to get them moving, relaxed and readjusted in the Troy University Recreation Center.

Macy Sauls, a junior biomedical sciences major from Gadsden, Alabama, is a yoga enthusiast and believes it is a great way to stay in shape mentally and physically. 

“Yoga is so beneficial for a person’s mental wellness because it helps someone to find their center as well as get their brain back on track,” Sauls said. “It is also really wonderful for your physical health because it allows you to build up strength and endurance, and it has several benefits with releasing endorphins.”

Other students who took part also say it was beneficial for their mental health. 

  “For me, yoga is a great way to spend time reconnecting with myself and truly taking the time to slow down and process life,” said Jamylah Jackson, a sophomore business marketing major from Birmingham, Alabama. “I came to this class because I am still new to yoga and wanted to grow my knowledge and technique, and it is a great stress reliever.”

Haley Morgan, a sophomore biomedical sciences major from Jack, Alabama, said she has recently found enjoyment in yoga. 

“I have been stressed out this year, so I came to unwind and refocus myself,” Morgan said. “I started doing yoga a few weeks ago and I plan on continuing to do yoga after this class because I really enjoy it, plus I feel like I have gained a lot of strength just in the few weeks I have been participating.”

Kristin Taylor, a sophomore sociology major from Portsmouth, Virginia, has been doing yoga since she was younger and still holds a love for the hobby. 

“Yoga is such a big part of my life, it is honestly a lifestyle for me,” Taylor said. “I genuinely love yoga so much and it definitely is even more helpful now in my adult life as a college student because it helps me remain grounded and keep a clear mind.”

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