Student discusses benefits of joining band

Andrea Hammack

Staff Writer

Do you enjoy playing an instrument or reading music?

Do you want to broaden your educational horizons past that of standard core curriculum, like math, science or English?

Have you ever thought about joining the marching band or any musical ensemble?

If you have, you aren’t the only one, although many other students don’t follow through with this interest. For some students, they have been a part of similar organizations in the past but choose not to continue in college.

Why is that?

Some may argue it is more difficult or time-consuming than they are ready for when starting college, although in reality all of the factors holding you back are quite trivial.

Being in a college band, whether it is a marching or some type of concert band, can be so essential to your growth if you have been a musician in the past. For starters, band is a place where you can make a forever family.

When in a band as big as the Sound of the South, you may not know everyone personally, but you can always go to someone if you feel as though you need help.

As humans, we are all looking for those personal connections, especially when you’ve been thrown into a new environment where you don’t know anyone. There are so many different walks of life within the band, you’re bound to find someone you can connect with.

The best part is you don’t have to be a music major to be a part of band! There are tons of different majors involved, from education to graphic design and, yes, music.

Personally, band is where I found I didn’t feel judged. I felt I was among my own.

Now, this isn’t to say band isn’t time-consuming and sometimes exhausting, but it is time well spent.

Sure, a lot of your extra time is spent learning (and memorizing) music, practicing drill and cheering on other organizations, but in the end you create amazing music and visuals you can be proud of. When you take a step back and realize how much you’ve accomplished on your own and with the massive group around you, you’ll see it is well worth the hard work.

You, as an individual, are working with 500 other people to collectively accomplish the same goal. There aren’t many other groups where you can do this.

When involved in an activity such as this, it really is focused on helping you grow as a person. You are constantly improving your musical abilities and stamina to complete hard tasks.

It teaches you people skills, how to be comfortable in your own skin and makes you a stronger, more independent person.

Plus, there is something for everyone. No matter what you like to do, there is most likely an organization within the band that will interest you, and cool events are held all the time.

Some parts of being in the band can be a bit more difficult than others, but they are only going to make you a better person.

If you don’t find marching band to be what you like, but you still enjoy playing music, there are tons of concert bands to join, such as symphony band, campus band, jazz band and more.

The point is, nothing is stopping you from being a practiced musician and being a part of the biggest group of friends you’ll ever have. You’ll always be able to look back at all the memories you make while in band and reflect on the moments you’re most proud of.

Though band may not be for everyone, it is most definitely for the strong-willed and dedicated.

If music is a big part of your life and you’re willing to put in the work, band is definitely something you’ll want to consider being a part of. It’ll be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

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