Student fake ID use increases

Priyanka Sharma 

Staff Writer

An email sent by Herbert Reeves, dean of student services, informed students about the use of false or fake ID cards to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The email was sent as a reminder and warning that vendors are examining ID cards closely and are taking action against those who present them.

Alabama has laws that prohibit providing liquor, beer or wine to an underage individual and restrict possession, use or purchase of liquor, beer or wine by persons under the age of 21, which can be found under Alabama Code 28-3-261 and 28-3-266.

It is also stated in the Oracle that no individual under the legal drinking age of 21 years is allowed to consume, serve, sell or possess alcohol on university property.

Reeves said that the number of fake IDs used has spiked this year compared to the last couple of years. According to Reeves, four instances have been recorded, all based on South Carolina driver’s licenses.

Reeves said that the university is usually contacted after police become involved with a case involving a student with a fake ID.

“The vendor does contact the school if they feel like they are students, but most of the time we get a copy of the police report,” Reeves said. “We are contacted after the police are contacted.”

First-time offenders within an academic year will be referred to the university judicial officer for disciplinary action, in accordance with the Standards of Conduct outlined in the Oracle.

Such disciplinary actions can include: community service, alcohol assessment and/or counseling, or suspension. A fine of $75 will also be applied.

Repeat offenders will be referred to the university judicial officer for disciplinary action, which can include a larger fine of $150.

“If they (students) purchase alcohol with a false ID, then they violate alcohol/beverage policy,” Reeves said. “If they are not successful in purchasing it, the vendor will probably warn them to not try it again. Other times, the ID is confiscated by the vendor, and the vendor, in turn, turns it in to the police.”

Marilyn Foster, an employee of the State Liquor Store 49 at 1400 Highway 231 S. in Troy, said: “We are very strict about checking IDs. It’s impossible for anyone underage to buy liquors from us. If anyone is found with a false ID, we immediately call the police.”

Foster has been working at the store for the past 25 years and said that there have been no cases of fake IDs.

Dean Reeves said that students who are able to purchase alcohol should comply with the law about providing it to underage students.

“We realize that alcohol is on all college campuses, but the law says you must be 21 to purchase, possess or consume alcohol, and we just ask that students comply with the law and not make an attempt to purchase alcohol underaged.”

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