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While some Trojans are using the last few warm weeks of the season to show off their best summer outfits, others are already sporting their fall ensembles. That means the quad on any given day is full of students dressed in a variety of fashions.

Edouard Loch, a sophomore sport management major from Paris, decided to go for a fall look with his short sleeved, red T-shirt from the French brand Sixth June, black skinny jeans and black boots.

“Being from Paris, I know a lot about fashion,” Loch said. “My favorite thing to wear is boots. No matter whether it’s hot or cold, I always wear boots.”

As far as fall fashion goes, Loch says his look typically consists of Chelsea boots, trench coats and scarves, all essential for keeping warm in the cool fall months.

Chenna Cui, a sophomore accounting major from Xi’an, Shanxi Province, China, dressed for warmer weather. She donned a simple black and white striped dress, a denim short sleeved button down and “black cat” slip-on shoes.

“My clothes show who I am,” Cui said. “I think it’s important to express my style and to express myself.”

When occasion calls, students like to show off their Trojan pride.

Trinity Stone, a freshman business major from Montgomery, watched the football game last Saturday in a black long sleeve crop top with an open back and a black strap around her waist, embroidered with a pink #6 in support of her boyfriend, Jawon Mcdowell. She paired this with wide black pants, gold sandals and oversized pink sunglasses.

Stone says fashion means everything to her.

“How you look when you go out is extremely important,” Stone said. “You catch people’s eyes and they ask questions. I love dressing up; it means everything to me.”

Rashad Thomas, a sophomore criminal justice major from Phenix City, also went to the game on Saturday. He was seen in a black Azar suit, a skinny black tie and black dress shoes.

“I want to be a person that people can look up to,” Thomas said. “They say, ‘The suit makes the man,’ so I want to portray whatever I have inside on the outside. That’s why I try to look as good as I can.”

For some students, style is an innate talent. Abigail Nicholson, a sophomore art and psychology major from Brundidge, was seen in a blue flowing skirt and a white top with a blue pattern. Nicholson said that she inherited certain features from her mother’s style.

“I have my own expression in the way I dress, but I think mostly flowing long skirts are what I inherited from my mom.”

Nicholson also draws inspiration from the style of Stevie Nicks.

“She has a romantic gothic look going on which is very interesting,” she said. “She looks like a gypsy from a Renaissance era.”

Sometimes, students use style to reflect their interests. Cierra Brinson, a senior graphic design major from Montgomery, shows her sense of style in a Marvel T-shirt paired with a matching Marvel skirt and white low-top Keds. Brinson shared her fashion advice and her top picks for clothing items.

“My fashion advice is to not be afraid of wearing something other people might not like,” Brinson said. “Be yourself. Don’t follow trends.”

“My favorite type of clothing is black leather jackets, the cool motorcycle ones,” Brinson said.

Dance students like Porter Grubbs, a senior English major from Dothan, value function of clothing as much as its style.

“My inspiration comes from contemporary dancers who dress comfortably and can dress their instruments,” Grubbs said. He pairs a long line shirt made of bamboo and his favorite long line black cardigan with low-cut crotch joggers.

Grubbs added that he looks up to the fashion icon Coco Chanel and Diana Vreeland, Vogue magazine’s fashion editor, in particular.

“I love how simplicity, subtlety and nuance suggest the human body,” Grubbs said.

Cat prints certainly seem popular among women on campus. Caitlyn Sebastian, a sophomore biomedical sciences major from Birmingham, had a pair of cat stockings along with an oversized flannel shirt, a simple black tank top and jeans shorts.

Sebastian gave her own advice on fashion.

“Wear whatever makes you the happiest. Don’t let other people say what you can and cannot wear,” Sebastian said. “If the clothes you wear don’t make you happy as a person, then just keep trying to find different styles until you find what makes you the happiest, what makes you feel like you are expressing yourself.”

September’s unpredictable weather with its successive rain spells and sunshine offers students the perfect opportunity to mix and match summer and fall clothes before the cold settles in. It’s time to bring your favorite summer clothes out of the closet before they get pushed to the back for the next six months. Express yourself, Troy, and show us your best looks!

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