Student reaps benefits of internship; encourages others

Emily Beckstrom
Staff Writer
Imagine checking your email and seeing the perfect internship opportunity right in front of you.
That is what happened to Jayde Jacobs, a senior multimedia journalism major from Rehobeth.
Jacobs accepted an unexpected internship as a public relations intern at the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.
“I had already planned to intern next summer on location somewhere,” Jacobs said.
However, an e-mail from Lauren Smith, the vice president of the chamber, caught Jacobs’ attention.
“The vice president e-mailed the journalism department asking if any student was in Troy this summer,” Jacobs said. “So, I took the lemons life offered.”
Because Jacobs works part-time on campus, she had already planned to stay in Troy for the summer.
Jacobs and Smith worked together once a week to re-create the chamber’s membership packet.
“Working with Jayde has been great,” Smith said. “I admire her creativity the most.”
Jacobs described the internship as “laid back and fun,” and spoke highly of her mentor and friend.
“She was such a great teacher,” Jacobs said, “and always so open to my suggestions and work, which created a comfortable work environment.”
On an average workday, Jacobs would restore the layout and design of the membership packet.
After living in Troy for almost four years, Jacobs said she learned more about the city of Troy and the people who work for it.
“I met members of the chamber board and local business owners,” Jacobs said. “I felt like I had the inside scoop.”
Jacobs said she is most proud of the recognition she received from the president of the chamber, Kathleen Sauer, for her hard work and creativity in designing the packet.
“It was reassuring that I can take what I am learning in the classroom and create products for a job,” Jacobs said. “It showed me that my hard work is really paying off.”
Jacobs’ advice to students is to stay open-minded when searching for internships.
“I hadn’t even planned on interning this past summer, and a great opportunity fell in my lap,” she said. “There is always a chance to learn something new from someone new.”
Smith encourages each student to research their future employers and build relationships with coworkers.
“I think that so many times students don’t see the long-term advantages that internships have,” Smith said. “The people you work with will be able to speak of your character and work ethic long after that internship is over.”

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