Student recovering from brain trauma

Kat Rogers
Staff Writer

Aleeza Kempton, a senior from Santa Rosa, Florida, is recovering following a car crash on March 5.
She was traveling home from Troy for spring break. The accident resulted in serious injuries, including brain trauma.
Her car swerved off the road on County Highway 189 and “crashed into a cement culvert,” according to
As of Wednesday, March 16, Kempton is up and walking around, according to her mother, Andrea Kempton. Before being released, her mother said, Kempton was running around the hospital floor.
Kempton said her daughter’s recovery has been quick and remarkable, saying that her daughter is a “miracle in Coffee County, Alabama.”
Kempton’s dog Bentley, who was in the car during the crash, is still missing. He was nowhere to be found when the first responders got to the scene.
The family is asking individuals with information on the dog to contact them.
On Tuesday, Kempton was released from Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan. She is waiting on a bed in a traumatic brain injury rehab facility.
Because the facility in Jacksonville, Florida, has a wait list, Kempton has to prove why she deserves a bed in the facility.
“Her ability to bounce back and heal shows she deserves the bed and the investment in her recovery,” her mother said.
If she does not get accepted into the facility in Jacksonville, her next option is one facility in Atlanta.
Kempton said her daughter still plans to graduate on time in May. However, funding her medical bills has proven to be difficult due to her lack of medical insurance.
To help with the finances of her recovery, a GoFundMe account has been set up and Kempton has started selling T-shirts with the hashtag
#IAmAleezaStrong on them for $20. To purchase a T-shirt, call Andrea Kempton at 317-363-9871.

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