Student research conference invites business and economics research

Ora Nelson

Staff Writer

As part of GEEKS Week, the College of Business held a conference, giving students the opportunity to present their own research in business and economics. 

The showcase features research projects of business students submitted either independently or as part of a group. Students are judged on their research topics by the research committee made up of professors within the College of Business.

The research conference is a part of GEEKS Week, honoring students who are globally aware, engaged with the business community, ethical decision makers, knowledgeable to compete and successful, according to Dr. William Neese, an associate professor of management and marketing and the research chair of undergraduate studies excluding economics.

“This is my fourth year doing (the showcase),” Neese said. “It fits in with my classes well, and I’m really glad to see that we’re making it a bigger deal this year and integrating it into GEEKS Week.”

“I think there’s been an improvement every year in both participation and quality,” said Dr. Judson Edwards, the dean of the Sorrell College of Business.

Neese requires his students to take part in the showcase every year. 

“I think it’s a good experience for the students to have — it supports the College of Business,” Neese said. “I want my students to participate, so I require the project in my classes.”

“We encourage our students in our classes to do research and (we) kind of help them develop those topics that interest them into research papers,” said Dr. Malavika Nair, the research chair of graduate and undergraduate economics studies.

“I think it’s a collaborative environment for students,” Edwards said. “They’re doing group-based projects, which is good, and it prepares them for the workforce.”

“I was in (the showcase) for a marketing research class I took last semester,” said Cameron Jane Capps, a senior marketing major from Andalusia. “I had to do a lot of research for that class to prepare for the showcase.”

Nair called the showcase a “great opportunity” for students to become familiar with researching, especially if they are thinking about going on to graduate school.

“I think when people show up and see the amount of work put into (the projects) — the students standing next to it — they ask questions and give the students a chance to explain their ideas,” Edwards said.

“We had one of our students, who just came from a conference in Las Vegas, and their research paper won ‘Best Student Paper’ award,” Edwards said. “That’s just another sign of quality of what’s going on in the College of Business.”

“This showcase is a great opportunity for students to interact with their professors outside of class and develop a better relationship with them,” Nair said. “It’s an asset and a good experience to take part in, for sure.”

Winners of the Student Research Showcase will be announced on April 5 during the Sorrell College Awards Banquet from noon to 2 p.m., and the Tropolitan will update this story online with the winner.

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