Student sip and paint at Arch event

by Chloe Rensink

Students and residents of Troy were able to socialize at a ‘Sip and Paint’ night, meant to serve as a relaxing event last Friday, January 27.

The Arch Club House, the recreational center connected to The Arch apartment buildings in Troy, held a Paint and Sip from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 P.M, welcoming students to channel their creative energy into works of art.

“I wanted this event to engage young adults in something fun and artsy,” said Kyishaundra Jones, a Troy University alumna with a Bachelor’s in Social Education from Elba, Alabama. 

For the people who are tired after a long week, this event was designed as a kickback for young adults to loosen-up after school and work, a great transition into the weekend.

“As a manager at The Arch, I want people to come out and get to know each other by talking and eating food while doing something fun,” said Iriel Bell, a Troy University alumna with a Master’s in Public Administration from Montgomery, Alabama.

The Sip and Paint was a free event that included non-alcoholic beverages such as sparkling ciders and coke products along with given art supplies.

Free food such as pizza, pasta, and meatballs were also provided. There was music and plenty of space to spread out with friends.

 “I came here to visit my friend, and this event was a great way for us to catch up and enjoy free food and music,” Said Jace Mccoy, a visitor from Robertsdale, Alabama.

The Arch’s events was open to anyone interested in having a good time. It was meant for people to come out and bring their friends.

“It was fun to relax and get to know people,” said Ebony Brown, a junior Exercise Science major from Decatur, Alabama. “In the future, they could improve on getting the word out more, so more people can join.”

Bell also said that in the future they would love to see more people coming out, and they plan on holding more events  very soon.

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