Student speaks out in TC

Destiny Hosmer
Staff Writer

Marqui Jackson made his voice heard in the Trojan Center on Tuesday afternoon.

Jackson, a freshman biomedical sciences major from Selma, stood in a chair in the Trojan Center food court to loudly convey his beliefs about conspiracies in our government.

If you’ve ever heard of the New World Order, that’s real,” Jackson said. “People hint it all the time in the news, even our presidents mention the New World Order, and people just let it slide by because they don’t know what New World Order is.”

According to Jackson, the New World Order is a popular conspiracy theory that a single authoritarian world government may emerge.

Jackson said that he strongly believes that this New World Order is impending, and the Georgia Guidestones are one of many obvious signs.

The US Government is trying to start a world genocide,” Jackson said. “They want to reduce the population to 500 million people.”

According to, the Georgia Guidestones, located in Elberton, Georgia, were built in 1980. The creator of the guidestones used an alias, and his identity remains a mystery.

The stones are compared to a modern Stonehenge. On each side they read: “Let these be guidestones to an age of reason,” followed by ten guidelines for a successful world.

Jackson’s claim about downsizing the population follows one of the guidelines found on the monument, according to the website. However, it does not outwardly claim that it will happen.

In order to house the remaining population, Jackson said that there are camps set up in Georgia.

They have concentration camps set up in Georgia, and in the camps they have legal documents stating that the police within the camps have the right to shoot and kill you if you try to leave, if you try to fight, or if you are no longer of use to them.”

The FEMA Internment Camps, located in over twenty states, including Georgia, have also been a popular conspiracy theory for years.

Jackson said that the society behind all of this hidden evil is the Illuminati.

You can’t see it because they hide it in plain sight,” Jackson said. “Do your research on the New World Order and the Illuminati, which has been around since 1776.”

Jackson said that he believes celebrities are involved in this scheme to downsize and control the population as well.

If you’ve ever seen one of your favorite actors or rappers throw up a sign like a diamond, a triangle, a peace sign or a rock and roll devil horn sign, those are demonic symbols associated with the Illuminati and Satanism.”

Jackson said that the Illuminati’s evil agenda will spread quickly after the recent implementation of radio-frequency identification chips in the hands of the employees at Epicenter in Sweden. “There’s a chip now that can be put in your hand that can unlock your doors,” Jackson said. “It can store currency, and they want you to think that this chip is the best thing in the world. But it’s the mark of the beast that we are warned of in the book of Revelation.”

According to a article, the developer’s chief executive, Felicio de Costa, was chipped live on stage the day Epicenter was opened.

The chip, which Jackson said will spread around the world and be used for sinister purposes by the government, will be offered to everyone who occupies the Epicenter building. Although not required, the chip is promised to be a tool to access doors and office photocopiers, and in the future, those who are chipped may also be able to pay for their lunch with just their hand.

Sooner or later they are going to turn paper money into digital money, and it will all be in your chip,” Jackson said. “This will soon be integrated over here, and then they will begin to make the chip essential daily life.”

I got my message out by yelling and with aggressive behavior, which proved to be ten times faster than anyone passing out flyers or tabling,” Jackson said.

Jackson, however, said that he is not an aggressive person and he is only spreading his knowledge for God and the well-being of his fellow human beings.

A lot of people know about all of this and are too afraid to talk about it,” Jackson said. “I’m not afraid. If I die, I die. I’m going to die anyway, and if it comes sooner than later, I’m going to heaven because I’m doing this for God and God alone.

I understand that there are people out there that may not believe in God, and that’s okay, but there are evil people out there that are thinking about killing literally billions of people.”

Jackson said that he wished to end his speech by telling everyone that he is not a crazed conspiracy theorist, but a normal college student.

I just want everyone to know that I go to class, I get good grades and I’m a normal person. I’m not some crazy guy; I’ve just done my research.”



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