Student Spotlight: B + Me


Sinclair Portis
Staff Writer

Blakelee Clack, a sophomore risk management and insurance major from Dothan, has entered the entrepreneurial realm while balancing her studies and social life.
Beginning in May of this year, with the support of her boyfriend Sam Moody, a junior risk management and insurance major from Montgomery, Clack created a handmade jewelry collection business called B + Me.
“My boyfriend and best friend, Sam Moody, was the one who encouraged and pushed me to pursue starting and developing my own jewelry business,” Clack said.
“He has been so supportive and has helped me to dream big. I couldn’t have done it without his vision and belief in me.”
Clack learned to make her creations mostly on her own, with help from her mother and a friend along the way.
“I am very impressed with how well her business is going,” said Madalyn Weaver, a sophomore elementary education major from Brewton. “I heard about her business through Facebook and Instagram and immediately fell in love with her pieces. I was very pleased with my products and impressed with how responsive she was.”
“I even got my pieces in the same week that I ordered them.”
“I think her business is so wonderful,” said JonEllen Hatton, a freshman social work major from Florence. “I believe she truly has a talent that she uses to better the lives of the people around her, not for her own glory.”
Several of the pieces are named after people and historical figures that have inspired her in the past and present.
Clack’s inspiration for the pieces reaches her customers through her provision of the stories surrounding the origin of the specific piece’s name.
“My favorite piece is a necklace called ‘The Wrap,’ ” Hatton said. “It was inspired by the story from the Bible where Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist and began to wash the feet of his disciples.”
“The necklace reminds me that I too, was created to serve others.”
“I love how Blakelee is an ambassador of Christ and uses her talent at making jewelry to show his love,” said Weaver.
Despite its new beginnings, Clack’s business is doing extremely well.
“I was especially proud to be asked by an organization, recently, to make all of their council going away gifts,” Clack said. “It meant a lot to be able to share my talents in order to show leaders that their service mattered and that they were appreciated.”
She has also had business from a great deal of male customers who were looking to purchase items for their significant others for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.
“Getting to be a part of that special time in their life and relationships is a joy and a privilege,” Clack said.
Clack is excited to see her business grow in the future, with hopes to see her products sold in local boutiques and possibly an Etsy shop, which is an online site that allows people to sell their own items.
Currently, Clack runs her business through free social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, customers contact her via text message.
From there, she provides the products through face-to-face contact or shipments.
Current customers shared nothing but positive feedback about Clack’s business.
“She was very easygoing and cooperative with any payment method,” Weaver said. “I would definitely buy from B + Me again, and I highly recommend it!”
“I would most definitely support Blakelee’s business again,” Hatton said. “She’s truly a gem, and as long as she continues to make jewelry, I will continue to support her in all her endeavors.”
“I am so excited and thankful of the support and success I have received from my customers,” Clack said. “It has been a joy to help style and accessorize women and girls, helping them feel beautiful and confident.”
To view items that are currently available for purchase, visit the boutique’s Instagram (@bplusme) or Facebook page, “B + me boutique.”

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