Student Spotlight: Tyler Logan


Alyse Nelson
Staff Writer

Tyler Logan, a senior music education major from Mobile, is a drum major for Sound of the South whose life seems to revolve around music.
Logan began his interview with an apology for eating while we talk, explaining that he hasn’t eaten all day. A full schedule of activities and classes accounts for this.
“As a drum major, I make sure the band runs smoothly, I keep morale high and I try to be a good leader,” Logan said.
In addition to a course load of sixteen hours this semester, Logan spends more than that number during any given week with his responsibilities as drum major, including practices and performances.
“Not only is it conducting, I am a visual icon for South of the South,” he said.
He admits it can be demanding at times. “On games days I am working from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.”
The time commitment is even greater for away games, but Logan isn’t complaining.
“It’s pretty fun,” Logan said. “We go to a lot of new places and meet a lot of new people. You get to broaden your spectrums.”
Logan became involved in marching band in sixth grade, but it was Logan’s freshman year of high school when he saw Troy University’s marching band perform. He decided then that this was the college he wanted to attend.
“In high school, it was more of an escape from reality,” Logan said in reference to his music career. “I could play how I wanted and how I felt without being told what to do. It brought a sense of peace. I have broadened my horizons since coming here and have definitely taken a liking to it.”
Logan’s talents are certainly not limited to one thing within the music field.
He belongs to Phi Mu Alpha, a fraternity dedicated to those with musical talents or interests.
Logan sings opera and is involved in several ensembles on campus including Concert Chorale, a mixed choir, and Frequency, a select ensemble focusing on vocal jazz.
He also mentioned that he is a talented pianist, having played for years and also taken classes here.
Dr. Yang, his piano instructor, is one of Logan’s favorite professors at Troy.
“She is such a big inspiration and has pushed me to my limitations,” Logan said. “I am thankful to have stumbled upon her in my path.”
Logan’s dream is to conduct for a symphony.
John Tyre, a senior music industry major from Niceville, Fla. and a fellow member of the Sound of the South, sees this as a wise choice.
“He’s really dedicated and really focused,” Tyre said. “He has everything in order. I think conducting is his calling.”
With a love for music in all mediums and roles, Logan said he appreciates the opportunities he has been given as drum major.
“I’ve heard that this has been one of the best years,” Logan said, speaking of the Sound of the South. “We’re incorporating new things.”
Logan also appreciates the attention given to his efforts.
“It’s a good feeling when everyone is happy with what you do,” he said. “It’s a feeling you can’t trade.”

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