Students celebrated on annual appreciation day

Lilly Casolaro
Staff Writer

Troy University campuses all across the state, in satellite locations and from the Troy online community, took part in the second annual student appreciation day held on Wednesday.

“April 6 is the day faculty and staff have the opportunity to demonstrate to all Troy students that it is truly a privilege for us to help mentor and guide students’ academic success at Troy University,” said Dionne Rosser-Mims, president of the faculty senate and chair of the student appreciation day advisory council. “It is also a wonderful way to promote Trojan pride.”

Troy main campus commemorated the event with tent displays, free food and giveaways for students on the Bibb Graves quad.

The office of development and alumni affairs and Barnes and Noble provided giveaways to participating students by holding a raffle drawing and announcing a winner every 15 minutes.

Other booths included the Student Government Association, the Alumni Association and a photo station.

Freshman Forum director Ashli Morris, a sophomore political science major from Athens, assisted with SGA’s table.

“We had a very good turnout, especially during the lunch hours,” Morris said. “We wanted the SGA to be seen by the student body.”

According to Morris, an electronic feedback questionnaire was available to complete so that the SGA could know how to improve and best communicate with students.

Morris attended last year and noticed the increase in representative and student participation.

“This year there were more representatives present to show their appreciation to the students, which I think made it a better experience,” she said.

Rosser-Mims said in the future she hopes to expand the celebration at the Troy main campus by including more local vendors to facilitate possible job opportunities in the community.

“The long-term vision as we get more community vendors involved is the entire quad being filled with vendors and businesses that wish to be present on that day,” Rosser-Mims said. “It should get bigger and better over the years.”

Marjie Morgan, a sophomore Spanish major from Alabaster, said she enjoyed the atmosphere of the event.

“It was great experience to enjoy free food and meet new people,” Morgan said.

In conjunction with the event, an essay scholarship contest was held for students to express how they “Make a Difference,” which highlights the theme of this year’s festivities.

Rosser-Mims said this scholarship allows contestants to express how they are making a difference at Troy and challenges them to think critically as individuals.

“It took a group of people who were connected in various ways to help get the message out, get the scholarship in place and the activities that take place at each campus,” Rosser-Mims said.

Twenty winners were selected and will receive a $100 scholarship for use at Barnes and Noble, plus free student alumni benefits for a year. A full list of scholarship winners can be found at

An email was sent to all Troy students on April 6 with a 25-percent-off coupon for an in-store or online Barnes and Noble purchase.

“It’s a phenomenal effort and goes to show the commitment that the faculty and staff have to the university,” Rosser-Mims said. “It’s a testament to the leadership of the university willing to work together regardless of the campus we come from.”

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