Students for Liberty hopes to engage wider array of students in organization events

Jamie Bennett
Staff Writer
Students for Liberty is an active organization on campus, sponsoring trips to places such as New Orleans and Washington, D.C., while informing students on its philosophical beliefs.
“Students for Liberty is a Libertarian philosophy group,” said Jeremiah Baky, a sophomore political science major and vice president of Students for Liberty from Dauphin Island. “We hone in on the philosophy of free market and free people.”
“We are purely philosophically based,” President Ryan Lee, a senior history major from Enterprise, said about whether the group is a political organization or not. “We take no political action. We are more concerned with student activism.
“We have tabling events and biweekly meetings. Overall, we are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
“We try and spread our ideas of anti-war and non-aggression,” Baky said, further discussing the organization’s beliefs. “We believe in ending drug wars, financial freedom and social liberties.”
The officers shared their views on gay marriage in Alabama.
“Government should not make regulations on personal choices, such as marriage or marriage licenses,” Baky said.
“We support all social liberties,” Lee added.
“We are trying to work closely with Spectrum and get involved in any events that they do.”
Spectrum Alliance is an organization on campus that promotes LGBT awareness and equality on campus.
Justin Blowers, a freshman undeclared major and a member of Students for Liberty from Montgomery, shared his experience in joining the organization.
“At first I was dragged along to it by Ryan, but as I continued to go to the meetings I realized I agreed with most of the things they stood for,” Blowers said. “We tackle both social and economic issues utilizing the Libertarian philosophy.”
Lee invites everyone on campus to join in the next Students for Liberty meeting.
Meetings are held every two weeks on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in Bibb Graves 129. There will be a meeting tonight.

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