Students for Liberty: How libertarianism fits into the election

Tu To
Staff Writer

Students for Liberty (SFL) is a campus organization that focuses on the ideas of free markets and freedom for all American citizens.
According to Jeremiah Baky, a senior political science major from Dauphin Island and the president of SFL, the club is a part of a larger, international movement that focuses on bringing the ideas of classical liberalism to college students.
“We focus on the principles and ideas of libertarianism, and not the party politics,” said Baky.
Felicia Cowley, a senior economics major from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, said that she was encouraged to join the organization by one of her college professors after attending a regional conference held by SFL.
“After transferring to Troy, I met the club last fall and loved learning more about libertarian ideas through meetings, events and other conferences,” said Cowley.
Cowley identifies herself as a libertarian because she feels neither the Republican nor the Democratic parties represent her views regarding holding the government responsible for its ballooning debt and curtailing excess spending, providing equal treatment and respecting the individual rights of all people regardless of race, religion, orientation, gender, etc., and decreasing the power of bureaucrats and special interests over the lives of the people.
“My viewpoints, especially on the size of the government and individual liberties, were more closely aligned with libertarian ideas than other parties or viewpoints,” said Cowley.
Sharing his opinion about the ongoing election, Baky said that this year’s election is simply a joke.
“These are easily two of the worst mainstream candidates to ever run for the title of president, and I believe it belittles the position, to say the least,” said Baky.
He said that he, personally, will be voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee, even though he has some qualms with some of Johnson’s ideas.
Baky said that Johnson is more capable of solving current issues such as balancing the budget, reining in the expansion of government, bringing troops home, not aimlessly sending additional troops, ending massive spying on the American people, supporting the Second Amendment and cutting taxes, than Trump and Clinton are.
On the other hand, Baky expresses his opposition to the Democratic and Republican frontrunners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
“I could not, with a clear conscience, vote for either Trump or Clinton,” Baky said. “Clinton admittedly rigged the Democratic primary and has had multiple scandals come up throughout the process.
“She is a perfect example of power corrupting. She is everything that is wrong with our government and politicians today.”
Baky does not view Trump as an ideal presidential candidate either.
“He feeds off the underlying ignorance and bigotry of many Americans and has run a campaign promising that he is not a politician, while all along acting just like a politician, changing his stance on certain issues multiple times,” said Baky.
“He has beckoned hate again and again, and infuriated many Americans, while having nothing in common with them but hatred and racism.”
SFL holds meetings once or twice a month, usually on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in Bibb Graves Room 129.
Baky encourages all students interested in joining Students for Liberty to refer to its Facebook page, “Troy University Students for Liberty,” for information regarding upcoming meetings and events.

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