Students go head-to-head in laser tag

by Emmaleigh Clegg

On Wednesday evening, students had the opportunity to go head-to-head against each other in a game of laser tag put on by Troy University’s University Activities Council. 

The event was put on in order to promote student life and to provide an escape from the stress of being in college. 

            Students that participated in laser tag played a team elimination game. Each player was given fifteen lives, and the first team to eliminate all the players on the opposing team was the winner. 

            “I’ve definitely been having a good time here tonight,” said marine biology major Brad Irwin, a freshman from Daleville, Alabama. “I like that it requires teamwork, even though you have no idea who is on your team with you.” 

            Although the laser tag event only lasted for a few hours, the planning and preparation for the event took much longer. 

            “ We have been working on this since last semester,” said Catelyn Blackmon, the public relations coordinator for the UAC, and a junior Interdisciplinary studies student from Dothan, Alabama. “What we do to prepare for the event is we find and secure a vendor, reserve the rooms, make and put up flyers, etc. 

“We also really try to put ourselves into the mindset of the students and ask ourselves questions like ‘What would we want to see at an event like this’”.

            The setup of Wednesday evening’s events involved a dark room, pop-up hunting blinds, glowing neon lights, ominous music, and more.

            “Events like these usually take us about an hour to set up, and then another hour to run some tests and make sure that everything is working right,” said event specialist Mike Sirri, who works for the vendor setting up the laser tag. “We use things like pop-up hunting blinds to make sure that we can quickly get everything set up and ready to go.” 

            “I’d definitely recommend coming to these events,” said Irwin. “t’s a great way to get out of the dorm and even meet new people.”

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