Students make their marks

Draven Jackson

Staff Writer

Troy students demonstrated their art skills and celebrated their homecoming spirit at the street painting event held on University Avenue in front of Sartain Hall on Oct. 10 at 10 p.m.

This event, along with a few other events put together by the Student Government Association this past Monday, kicked off the first day of homecoming week. Students from a variety of organizations came out to the event to show their support for the university through street art.

Sam Moody, a junior risk management and insurance major from Montgomery, is the vice president of campus activities in the SGA. He said the event is a great way to attract every aspect of the student body.

“We want homecoming to feel like it’s for everybody, so street painting helps us reach a demographic of students who we might not reach in our other events,” Moody said.

According to Moody, the street painting event’s goal is to be all-inclusive and not competitive.

“There’s a common misconception about homecoming that every event is competition-based,” Moody said. “For the street painting event, we’ve encouraged our organizations to participate, but we will not pick a winner because we didn’t want this event to be competitive.”

For many students like David White, a senior chemistry major from Marianna, Florida, the noncompetitive and laid-back nature of the street painting event helps to make it more enjoyable.

“Some of the events at homecoming can feel like work, but this one is actually pretty easy,” White said. “I mean, they have a DJ, everyone is together and we’re all just hanging out having a good time.”

White’s organization, Tau Kappa Epsilon, added its own artwork to University Avenue during the event.

The group painted its symbol, an equilateral triangle, with their letters in American flag colors inside. Around it are the words “Homecoming 2016.”

The street painting event was started last year by Patrick Rodgers, now a senior global business major from Dothan, who previously served as vice president of campus activities and is this year’s homecoming director.

Rodgers describes the street painting event as an opportunity for students to show their Trojan spirit.

“The street painting event is open to any student on campus and allows them to decorate the road with paint and celebrate homecoming,” Rodgers said. “Students can express through their art, what homecoming is about, as well as what it means to them.”

The street painting event was packed, students from all sorts of organizations crowding around University Avenue in front of Sartain Hall. The SGA blocked off a section of the road and drew squares where the different groups could work and paint their homecoming masterpieces.

Maribeth West, a junior accounting major from Uriah, came to paint at the event with her organization, the Palladium yearbook. They created a replication of the Olympic rings, fitting with this year’s homecoming theme, “A Beacon to the World,” and tied it in with the organization by designing it to look like a yearbook cover.

According to West, the street painting event isn’t just a good way to embrace your artistic spirit. It also serves as a way of advertising.

“The street painting event is a way for us to get out and meet with other campus organizations, as well as to get the word out for the Palladium and sell more copies,” West said.

From 10 p.m. to midnight, students used the street painting event as an opportunity to get out and meet other people, showcasing their artistic abilities while listening to music and snacking on refreshments.

Audrey Driver, a junior biomedical sciences major from Rose Hill, and the Baptist Campus Ministry joined in the homecoming fun and painted their own piece on the street. It’s a red, black and white Trojan helmet with sun rays surrounding the top. Driver views the street painting event as a good way to take a break.

“In between classes and tests, the event is a good study break and a great way for students to get out and have some fun,” Driver said.

Street painting is just one of the many homecoming events students around campus can participate in, according to Moody.

“I encourage every student to get involved this week,” Moody said. “I know that it’s a busy time during the school year, but every student should try to get involved because homecoming can easily be the most memorable part of your time here at Troy.”

Matthew Powers, a sophomore sport management major from Wicksburg, is president of Troy University’s Circle K organization.

“I feel like the event is a great way to get involved within our university and helps us to show our school spirit,” Powers said.

The paint will be on University Avenue until nature cleans it.

Homecoming events are scheduled until Saturday, Oct. 15, when the Trojans will go head-to-head against the Panthers at Veterans Memorial Stadium at 2:30 p.m.

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