Students pursue other living arrangements

Ngoc Vo
Staff Writer

On-campus residents totaling 325 students will be on the hunt for new homes for the fall semester due to the Alumni Hall renovations.
“The figure (available campus living spaces) changes on the daily basis as room assignments and cancellation are made,” said Sara Jo Burks, the assistant director of housing.
Burks said that the remodel will last for 12-18 months and will take away 450 beds that are currently in use.
In response, the housing department facilitated an off-campus housing fair on Wednesday where students browsed through tables of potential housing providers.
Not all of the students in attendance were negative about the possibilities of change in housing situations.
Logan Brown, a freshman music education major from Panama City, Fla., attended the fair knowing that he will be affected by the remodeling.
Brown has been living in Alumni for one year. He said because he has already taken 30 credit hours, he would have to wait until April to be wait-listed.
“I’m getting an apartment,”said Brown. “If it ends up cheaper, I’m gonna stay off campus for the long run. I prefer to live in an apartment because I will have my own room and bathroom, my own space.. and security is the same.”
Brown said the only priority for him is that the apartment has to be pre-furnished, because he does not have any furniture.
“I hope that students will take the opportunity to see all the available options,” said Burks. “They should make plans and consider their choices with their family. The housing office is doing everything we can to get the needed information out as soon as possible.”
Of the eleven vendors present at the fair, many of them are competing for students’ business.
Sabrina Tate, community assistant for The Pointe at Troy, said it is cheaper to stay off campus and students can have their own kitchen.
“As regard to security,” said Tate, “crime can happen anywhere you go. Certain off campus housing complexes are as safe as on campus.”
The Pointe is a secure gated community with a wheel-lock zone. Key cards are required to get into the complex, according to Tate.
Similarly, The Grove has patrons and magnetic key fobs are required to open its gate.
The edge @Troy offers a waived $150 registration fee which expires on March 12. Students still have to pay the $50 application fee. Prices starts at $505 for a 3 bedroom unfurnished apartment included utility,
The Pointe at Troy waives application fee until March 11, $420 for 4 bedroom and sign up for $250 visa gift card
Porter properties including University Corners, Bradford Court and Village Apartments also offers special deals when you contact its offices, the price does not include electricity.
“If you living off-campus, it’s easier to sign one paperwork and pay one bill rather than go pay for everything separately,” said Dustin Davis, a senior broadcast journalism major from Dothan.
You don’t have to worry about all those extra steps.” Davis has been living at The Pointe at Troy for a year, after moving from a Gibb Street apartment.
Aleeza Kempton, a sophomore undecided major from Santa Rosa beach, Fla. attended the fair and said she had one major requirement for her new off-campus home.
“I just want to lie out at the pool,” Kempton said.
Kempton has been living Newman center for a year.

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