Students relax with candle-making 

by Emmaleigh Clegg

Troy University’s University Activities Council (UAC) organized a candle-making event to help students through mid-term stressors.

The candle-making event had a large selection of scents to choose from, all from a Montgomery-based candle-making business named Kelley’s Quality Candles. 

“Some of the scents that we have available today are the more common scents that you see such as ‘Easy Living’, which is a more relaxing scent,” said Lynette Kelley, CEO of Kelley’s Quality Candles. “The most popular scent that we brought with us is called ‘Delicious,’ which is our signature scent. It means a lot to our business because our grandchildren developed it.” 

Kelly walked the participants through the candle-making steps. 

Students started off by pouring their provided wax into a melting pot and then placing it over a burner on medium heat, mixing it until the wax was fully melted. 

The next step in the process is to add a scent to the melted wax, and finally to pour the candle and wait for the wax to harden. 

This is the second time that this event has been put on by the UAC. It was brought back due to its popularity last year. 

“We usually don’t host the same types of events,” said Catelyn Blackmon, UAC’s public relations coordinator and a junior interdisciplinary studies major from Dothan, Alabama. 

“Last year we had such a great turnout that we decided to do it again.”

Students who came out said the event was relaxing.

“The event was a lot of fun and the scents were absolutely amazing,” said Brianna Warner, a freshman English education major from Columbus, Georgia. “I came out tonight to get myself out of the dorm.

“It ended up being a really great learning experience, and I ended up making friends with the people I sat near.”

The UAC has begun to plan its next large event: a spring fling formal. 

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