Students Struggle to Find Housing

by Mackenzie Foster

Though the semester has just begun, some Troy University students are already concerned about housing arrangements for the fall.

Kaileigh Rei, a marine biology major from Tallahassee, Florida, recently had to overcome the struggle of finding an apartment for the fall semester while living four hours away. 

She said the one thing that has helped her the most is the use of the student body’s social media groups. 

“I do find the tips and advice I have gotten via social media helpful with me not being in Troy physically,” Rei said. “I would have never reached out to realtors without the good reviews on sites like Google or Facebook.”  

While some students struggle with finding a place to live for the upcoming semester, others are having trouble finding students to sublease their apartments._ 

 Subleasing is an agreement in which the original tenant gives a sub-tenant the chance to live in the original tenant’s space for the remainder of a leasing contract.

Joniah Lewis, a sophomore nursing major from Florence, Alabama, is still struggling to find someone to sublease her apartment. 

Lewis has posted on Facebook multiple times to find someone to sublease her apartment but has not found anyone yet. 

“Some people are probably coming in and don’t get on those Facebook posts and see that [stuff], so I wish there were other options instead of just Facebook,” Lewis said. 

Students who  are planning to stay on the university’s campus throughout their time at college are also having a hard time with their living situations. 

Quindarius Corner, a freshman broadcast journalism major from Montgomery, Alabama, plans to stay on campus for most of his time at college. 

However, with Corner becoming a sophomore this upcoming fall semester, his priority on the housing list will change. 

“After your freshman year, that’s when you really have to worry about your dorm situation because freshmen get first picks,” Corner said. “So, with me becoming a sophomore next semester, it’s going to be harder for me to try to get the room that I want.” 

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