Students surprise ‘ray of sunshine’ dining hall employee

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Bertha Stuckey has worked in the dining hall for four weeks. She currently oversees the salad station.

Ayanna Williams
Staff Writer
A familiar face in Troy’s dining hall received a sweet Valentine’s surprise from Troy students who appreciate the kindness she shows them each day.
Bertha Stuckey, from Enterprise, Alabama, was gifted a Valentine’s Day card from a group of
not-so-secret admirers.
“Mrs. Bertha has become one of the best parts of visiting the dining hall,” said Rheannon Primm, a senior biomedical sciences major from Marbury, Alabama. “She is always a ray of sunshine, and she treats everyone with kindness.
“After seeing a few other students post about how she brightens their day, I wanted to put together something for her to let her know how much we love her and the impact she has on
Troy University.”
While students look forward to speaking with Stuckey during their visit to the dining hall, she looks forward to seeing them, as well.
“I have the card in my living room, so everyone can see it when they walk in my house,” Stuckey said.
“I was overwhelmed because I give love and I do not expect anything in return, so when they did that, they just stole my heart even more.”
Not only do students look forward to Stuckey’s presence, but her fellow co-workers also feel the same.
“She lifts my spirit and makes my day 10 times better,” said Lyssa Fore, a dining hall employee and student from Phoenix City, Alabama. “She has impacted me by showing me that kindness goes a long way and you never know what someone is going through and showing them a little love can go a long way.”
Stuckey said she has been an employee at Troy dining hall for only four weeks and she is constantly
promoting positivity.
“I let the students know that there is nothing in this life that they can’t accomplish. I am anchored in my faith.,” Stuckey said.
Stuckey’s presence has definitely made an impact on Troy’s students.
“When I am having a bad day, I can go find her and she will motivate me to keep going,” said Blessa Peyton, a senior social work major from Grand Bay, Alabama.
“I just want to keep the babies (students) built up and encouraged,” said Stuckey.

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