Study abroad to explore the world

Brady Talbert

Staff Writer

Students who want to visit Greece, Costa Rica, London, Paris or South Africa can begin the journey now by applying through Troy University’s study abroad office.

“Study abroad offers many benefits — you learn to be more flexible and adaptable, and you also get global awareness and cultural awareness — all four of those things graduate schools and employers are looking for,” said Sarah McKenzie, the university’s Study Abroad Coordinator.

McKenzie said students who are hesitant about making the journey overseas should give studying abroad some consideration and try taking a chance.

“I say, kind of bite the bullet and just do it,” she said. “I know it can be overwhelming, and there are some steps you have to go through, but it’s so beneficial to your future and just to you personally.”

This spring break, the leadership department will take students to Greece while the education department will venture to Costa Rica. In the summer, the nursing department will be visiting London and Paris, and the education department will be in South Africa. The College of Communication and Fine Arts could also be returning to Italy. Students interested can apply at or visit McKenzie in Hawkins Hall room 038 if they have questions.

The Study Abroad Club can also give students a chance to see the benefits of studying in new locations and encourage exploration.

It serves as a hub for students who have or plan to study in another country. Vice president Bailey Anne Corbin, a senior marketing major from Panama City, Florida, said she enjoyed her time studying in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Studying abroad was the best decision I could have made at Troy,” Corbin said. “I learned so much in the classroom and out.

“I had the most fun, and saw the most beautiful places and met the most incredible people, and it is has opened so many doors for me with jobs because they are looking for people who can be global.”

Corbin said students interested in the Study Abroad Club can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  using @troy_abroad, for updates on meeting times.

Mary Brunson, a senior communications major from Elba, studied abroad in Italy In June. She visited Pietrasanta, Rome, Venice and more as a part of a pilot program for a summer arts academy.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m so blessed with the opportunity to have been able to participate,” Brunson said. “It did change my perspective on the world.

“I realized that different cultures are beautiful and that it offers learning experiences to another world.”

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