Sunday alcohol coming

Sinclair Portis

Staff Writer

Tori Bedsole

Features Editor

In a referendum on Tuesday, Oct. 10, the residents of Troy voted 1,422-538 to allow alcohol sales on Sunday.

According to City Clerk Alton Starling, the change will not go into effect until “after the (city) council adopts an ordinance to regulate the sale,” which will be November at the earliest.

Several businesses that sell alcoholic beverages in Troy will now be able to do so on Sundays after noon.

This may benefit some businesses but won’t affect others.

The owner of Mama Goldberg’s, located in downtown Troy, Michael Long, said that he hasn’t seen a notable difference between his Dothan location, which can already sell alcohol on Sundays, and his Troy location.

“People maybe would like to come in and buy a beer after the football game,” Long said about alcohol sales on Sunday. “But, in my particular situation here, we have such a large church crowd that comes in right around 12.”

Long said he expects his demographic to change some.

“We have a lot of college students in here anyways on Sunday in the evening,” Long said. “But we might get them in a little earlier because of the opportunity to drink a beer.”

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