Sunday alcohol sales start Dec. 3

Sinclair Portis

Staff Writer

Sunday alcohol sales in the city of Troy will legally begin this Sunday, Dec. 3, from 2-10 p.m.

Troy City Council unanimously passed the ordinance into law at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The council believes this will help the city economically, according to Council President Marcus Paramore.

“For the most part, the reason I was in favor of this was purely an economic development process,” Paramore said. “It’s an opportunity for the city of Troy to recruit different types of restaurants and retail to this area.”

Though the city has been talking with several restaurants and companies, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Paramore said that none have officially confirmed they are moving to Troy because of the law change.

“I think what the city did, what the council did this evening in passing this ordinance, really was a reflection of what the people voting on Oct. 10 (wanted),” Paramore said.

Council members also said they think it will be good for Troy University.

“I think it’s a positive move for the university, especially for the students,” Paramore said. “This gives students another reason to stay in Troy on the weekends; it gives students another reason to spend their money in Troy and not go out of town to do it, especially on this one particular day.

“But I think it’s a positive move for our students. It should never be built as just another day to drink or another day to buy alcohol.

“This is purely economic development and growth for both the city and the university, and as one grows, the other grows.”

Pending the legal advertisement being published in the paper this week, businesses will be permitted to sell alcohol on Sunday, Dec. 3.

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