Superficial real-world super powers cannot compare to powerful personal qualities



Chrissy Brown
Copy Editor


A few days ago my roommate mentioned an article that she read online that said beauty was one of our society’s most useful and relevant “real life superpowers.”
The article explained that as long as people found you beautiful, you could accomplish things that people who are deemed ugly or unattractive cannot. Or, at least, could not accomplish as easily.
The examples that the article gave as to how beauty is a superpower is that beauty can get you free drinks at the bar and that more people will want to do things for you.
I do not understand why this is considered a superpower. I grew up reading comic books and idolizing superheroes, and none of their powers were used for solely personal gain.
In these terms, superpower means an excessive power that puts people above others who do not possess said power.
Using this definition, the article is saying that people who are beautiful are above people who are deemed unattractive.
I do not find this to be a valid argument.
In recent years the media has pitched multiple campaigns to show that there are so many different shades of beauty- how is it effective to say that one concept of beauty is a superpower?
While I agree that beauty can bring certain people amenities that are pleasing to them, there are so many other characteristics that I believe are better fit for the most useful “real life superpowers.”
The slightly superficial but undeniable answer as what to the most useful superpower is in modern day is money.
The possession of enough money can get you most things that you will ever need. Money can be used for the greater good, but I strive to think that this is still not the best characteristic, or superpower, that we as a race possess.
Intelligence. Ambition. Confidence. All of these qualities are real superpowers.
These are the qualities that really set people apart from the crowd and help them to enhance their lives and the lives of other people.
Spreading intelligence amongst peers will benefit the entire group of individuals. And it begins a domino effect. Once an idea is shared, it continues to spread and grow.
A person with ambition can change the world. A truly ambitious person will never accept no and can go on to do spectacular things.
Confidence is what creates friendships, networks, love, companies, charities and leaders in our society. Being confident is a superpower that every person should pull from within themselves regardless of physical attractiveness.
Confidence also spreads, creating individuals who aren’t afraid to do whatever they feel is right for them and for the greater good.
So, no, beauty is not the great “real world superpower.” There are so many greater and better features of us as human beings which deserve that title.
Being attractive cannot change the world. Being attractive will get you as far as you want it to get you, but I believe that our real superpowers shouldn’t come from how others perceive us rather than what we can do with our natural abilities.

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