Survey proves essential for Student Services department

Valario Johnson

News Editor


The results of the academic needs assessment survey sent to students in March are an important factor in the university’s Student Services Department receiving grants from Student Support Services.
“The SSS grant sits as part of our Troy University TRIO program and, as with most grants, is eligible for renewal every few years,” said Hal Fulmer, associate provost and dean of undergraduate and first year studies center for student success.
Fulmer said the survey is a part of a requirement for the university’s application to renew the SSS grant.
The federal Trio programs are educational outreach opportunity programs designed to motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The Trio program has six outreach and support programs. Each of the six programs is designed to serve and assist low-income, first-generation college students, as well as students with disabilities, in progressing through the academic pipeline.
Troy University offers two out of six of those programs: Student Support Services and Upward Bound.
The student services office is a division of the university that provides academic assistance to students in various ways, including academic tutoring which is offered in the Natural Science Center and the Writing Center (both of which are located in Eldridge hall) and disability support, formally known as the Adaptive Needs Program, which provides help to students with physical, psychological and learning disabilities.
Meredith Hidle, a senior biomedical sciences major from Dothan, tutors biology, math and chemistry in the Natural Science Center.
Hidle completed the survey and said that the questions she was asked could definitely offer student services insight into what the student body needs.
“I, generally, understand the material I learn in class,” Hidle said.
Because of this, Hidle said that she does not usually need tutoring, but that she genuinely enjoys working in the Natural Science Center and helping the students who come in.

The Natural Science Center, along with the writing center, is geared towards helping students succeed academically, and tries to offer students the assistance they need throughout their time at Troy.
Hidle said that students come to the Natural Science Center because they are not initially grasping the information in class. She said she thinks it is easier for students to learn from other students that have already completed a particular course.
“This is why the programs that student services offers is a good opportunity for students at Troy,” Hidle said
The academic needs assessment survey is offered to students to identify the academic and financial needs of undergraduate students.
The survey covers a range of topics. For many students, the survey highlights its question topics on college entrance exam scores, academic needs and financial aid.
“At this point, [this] particular survey is in an open status,” Fulmer said. “Since it’s still open, we have not reviewed any of the aggregate data yet.”
Fulmer said that the survey data should be available during the summer or early fall.
The survey was sent to students via email at the end of March. The university urges students to complete it in a timely manner.
The survey is set to only take about ten minutes to complete.

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