Suspended students awaiting court trial

Destiny Hosmer
Staff Writer

The two Troy University students who were arrested by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida on charges of first-degree sexual battery are still awaiting a formal court hearing.
Delonte’ Martistee, 22, and 23-year-old Ryan Austin Calhoun are two of the three suspects facing criminal charges in the attack on an incapacitated 20-year-old female that occurred during spring break this past March.
According to David Angier, Bay County, Florida, public information officer, there is no trial date set.
“The suspects were arraigned on May 12 and pleaded not guilty, which is standard,” Angier said.
“Right now we are still in the process of evaluating evidence.”
The assault was caught on video during spring break and was later found on a cellphone by Troy Police during the investigation of a shooting that occurred on March 21 at one of the Waffle House locations in Troy.
The third suspect is George Kennedy Jr., a 21-year-old Middle Tennessee State University student.
Court records show that Kennedy and the victim had known each other since grade school.
The two rented a hotel room in Panama City Beach together, where they were staying during the days leading up to the incident as well as two days after.
Despite the victim’s relationship with Kennedy, she wants to press charges against all involved in her attack, according to reports by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. The victim states that she was completely unconscious at the time.
Martistee and Calhoun are not enrolled in any courses at Troy this semester.
“Neither (Martistee nor Calhoun) chose to have a hearing, so they have been placed on a permanent suspended status with the University,” said Herbert Reeves, dean of student services.
“They are not allowed to return to the University without going through the discipline procedure.”

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