Suspicious behavior reported by student


Lilly Casolaro

News Editor

Sable Riley


A female resident of Newman Center 200 reported to the city of Troy Police Department that an individual wearing a bunny costume head swiftly approached her car window on Pell Avenue.

The resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, notified the police of suspicious behavior on Monday night after departing from the residence hall around 9 p.m.

As the driver stopped at a stop sign, she witnessed two individuals, who she said looked like males dressed in dark clothing, approach her car.

She said the street was not “very well lit.”

After she drove away, the source said, she called the city police department to report the suspicious behavior.

“They told me they would send someone out, but I do not have proof if they did or not,” she said. “I gave them my contact information, but I never heard back from them.”

According to city of Troy Police Chief Randall Barr, a call regarding the incident was received.

City police said because Pell Avenue is the University’s jurisdiction, they dispatched the Troy University Police Department.

A representative from the Troy University Police Department said it does not have any report of an incident on that night.

As of Wednesday night, it is unclear if anyone from either police department responded to the call.

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