Tennis serves the competition

by Harrison Gleckmeyer

The Troy Trojans’ men’s tennis team came home with a massive win after beating Chattanooga 5-3. The matches were held at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Center this past Sunday. 

The Trojans are 10-2 this spring season, only losing to East Tennessee State and Miami. The Trojans have had an exceptionally well-played season and securing the win against Chattanooga has since added to the team’s success. Not only did the Trojans beat Chattanooga, but they also became the first home loss that Chattanooga has had this year. 

Trojans Jules Fabre and Mario Martinez, freshmen at Troy, supplied the Trojans with a point after winning 7-6 on court two. Alongside them were Carles Anton, a junior at Troy, and Yeray Andres Pastor, freshman, who were both able to win their matches during doubles. The duo scored 6-2 to take home the victory, and boost Troy up to 2-0

  Anton and Martinez collectively won all their rounds as singles placing the Trojans at a 2-0 standpoint going into the afternoon. 

Finally, Pastor was able to obtain wins in two sets, sending the Trojans into a higher position over Chattanooga causing them to win. 

Next week, the Trojans men’s team will visit Alabama A&M to play a match that was previously postponed. 

The Troy Trojans women’s tennis team had a good past few matches up until this past weekend. The Trojans faced Alabama State earlier last week and won. However, during this weekend, they lost to Chattanooga. 

The Trojans traveled to Alabama State, where the matches were held at the Althea Gibson Tennis Complex. The Trojans went into these matches wanting to win and that is exactly what they did. 

Kristina Kurkaras, a junior, secured the win for the Trojans by winning her first set and breaking a 6-6 tie for a 7-1 win. 

The Trojans women’s tennis team will face South Alabama this Saturday for their first spring conference game. 

After taking home the win from Alabama State, the Trojans prepared for their matches in Chattanooga where they would, unfortunately, lose 5-2. The matches were held at Lunsford Tennis Complex in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this past Sunday. 

The Trojans sadly lost their winning streak while Chattanooga simply fueled theirs by beating the Trojans. 

 Once again,  Kurkaras held the Trojans up by winning both of her sets in singles, 6-0 and 6-2. Kurkaras victory tied the points up 1-1 for Troy and Chattanooga. 

Hagir Amir, a sophomore, also won both of her sets as a single, leading the Trojans to be the only one behind Chattanooga.

 The pressure proved too much for Olivia Elliot, a junior. After tying her match up, she was not able to defend enough during the breaking match and lost outing Chattanooga on top. 

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