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Zach Winslett

Arts and Entertainment Editor


The “sports-bar experience” is a staple of college towns. Sports bars far and wide make their strongholds in America’s college towns, where droves of college students seek refuge from their collegiate responsibilities (they’re also seeking beer, too).

Troy, however, has had a tumultuous past with sports bars.

The revolving door of bars and grills that have graced the plot where Trojan Zone now sits have been less than fulfilling, and, until recently, the Brick was a sort of well-kept secret, hiding above the Pines.

The Brick has now moved to U.S. Highway 231 near Wal-Mart, but is it filling the gaping hole that Troy has in place of a satisfying den for sports fans?

Yes it is.

The Brick’s interior provides the atmosphere a sports bar should provide. It feels clean, and its walls are adorned with Trojan decorations.

It’s also well lit. It’s not too dark, but it is just dim enough to create the ambiance sports bars work to achieve.

The restaurant is divided into two separate sections. This duality provides an alternate atmosphere one that is better suited for dates.

“If a college male wants to bring a girl out on a date, we provide a more elegant atmosphere,” said George Batemen, the owner. “We also serve fresh seafood and steaks.”

The Brick’s menu is serviceable, and it has enough options to be versatile.

The appetizers are particularly standard for a sports bar. The menu offers everything from fried pickles to mozzarella sticks.

The fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, and potatoes were all fairly ordinary for a restaurant of this type, but they were tasty.

The highlights, however, are the chicken fingers and wings.

“We probably have the best chicken fingers in town,” Batemen said.

The chicken fingers were delicious, and their most admirable quality was their moistness. They weren’t too dry, and they didn’t need to be drowned in sauce to be enjoyed.

They’re also offered covered in buffalo sauce for those who would prefer to drown them.

The wings are quality meat with a flavorful sauce that best any other wings offered in town.

The sauce has an interesting origin story.

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