The Cains’ continue their success with new, self-titled EP

Lacey Alexander
Staff Writer
The Cains, formerly “The Cains Trio,” released their self-titled five-track EP on July 21 to digital music retailers. The country record is the group’s second to be produced and its first EP.
The trio, comprising three siblings from Hartselle who have all received undergraduate degrees from Troy University, is releasing this album through Daystreet Records.
All three siblings, Logan Cain, Madison Cain and Taylor Cain, are credited with songwriting on this album.
Logan Cain, the youngest and sole male of the group, said a lot of his music is inspired by his experiences at Troy University.
“Whether it was love or heartbreak, triumph or defeat, my experience with Troy changed my life forever,” said Logan Cain, who graduated from Troy in 2014. “Most, if not all, of my inspiration comes from that time in my life.”
The leadoff single, “Journey’s End,” is currently playing on Sirius XM’s “The Highway” on Channel 56. While “The Highway” is a country music channel, Logan Cain said that he hopes all music fans can appreciate the band’s music.
“While we are country, and have a specific sound, my hope is that anyone from any walk of life can find something in our music and enjoy it,” he said. “I believe that our target demographic is someone that doesn’t isolate themselves to a specific genre or style.”
Aside from the EP, the Cains have been working to promote their sound and music.
They worked with Bravo TV to create musical tracks for the channel’s hit reality show, “Southern Charm,” and performed at the Cyrus Family Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in late June.
Logan Cain said that he is proud of the final product regardless of its success.
“In the end, whether it succeeds or not, you can have peace knowing that your music was exactly what you wanted, no excuses,” he said.
The Cains were selected to perform overseas at the Country to Country festival in London, and were featured on the cover of U.K. music magazine “UP! Country Magazine.” They will be returning to the U.K. to tour in September.
Logan Cain also said that he and his sisters plan to perform in Troy after their international tour. “What a gift to know that we have our Trojan family behind us all the way,” he said.
The EP is available for purchase on Google Play and iTunes.

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