The Cains Trio is on a road to success

Parker McCann
Staff Writer

The Cains Trio, a group of graduates from Troy University, is releasing its debut album, “Stay On Board,” on Oct. 28.
The band is composed of siblings Taylor, Madison and Logan Cain, all of whom are from Hartselle.
The album will feature the band’s first single, “Be Yourself With Me,” a song about allowing loved ones to let their guard down and be open with each other.
The three siblings not only sing together, but also play instruments for the band. Taylor Cain, the oldest of the three with a degree in music industry and minor in public relations, does the lead vocals, guitar and piano.
The second youngest, Madison Cain, with a degree in broadcast journalism and advertising, does harmony vocals and bass guitar. Both Madison and Taylor Cain assisted Troy’s
jazz ensemble, Frequency, with producing the CD “Fields of Gold.”
Logan Cain, the youngest and only brother, graduated last May with a degree in broadcast journalism. He does lead and harmony vocals, drums and guitar.
The three of them started their involvement in music when Taylor Cain learned her first song on piano at age 5 and then started teaching her siblings to sing in harmony.
While at Troy University, the trio entered a video contest in 2012 and won an opportunity to open for Dave Barnes at the Workplay Theater in Birmingham.
The show sold out 30 minutes after they were added and, in celebration, they wrote “Stay On Board,” the title song for their album.
The group hopes to be considered “fun music.” They want their music to be uplifting, joy-filled and fun.
The Cains Trio is currently working on honing song-
writing and recording skills  in Nashville and Muscle Shoals while working on the album release.
The trio members attribute their success and enthusiasm to God and say they feel blessed to have such loyal and supportive fans, friends and family.
They are excited about this project, especially the song “Be Yourself with Me.” They also said they like the single they released on their website previously, “I’ll Take That Any Day.” Sharylin Pettus, the group’s publicist, said, “It’s a sweet and positive song about life and the siblings growing up.”
Pettus and the producers are also excited for the band and said they show a lot of promise. They believe the album will take them far and bring a lot of good things.
“I think the consumers will love The Cains Trio,” said Pettus. “I want everyone to at least listen to the single. All the music is very positive, uplifting and vibrant.”

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