‘The Chalkening’ makes appearance on Troy campus

Photo tweeted by Old Row

Pro-Donald Trump slogans written in chalk have appeared at colleges nationwide since March, according one New York Times article. The movement has been unofficially dubbed as “The Chalkening.” Old Row, a lifestyle brand, and Students for Trump, a student-led group supporting the presidential candidate, have been posting the photos, submitted by users, on Twitter.

The chalking at Troy appeared outside the Delta Chi fraternity house. The chapter said that it was not a chapter decision but independent initiatives of a few individuals.

“As a fraternity, we give everyone the right to their own political decisions,” Codi Schnieder, public relations chair for Delta Chi said. “We make it a safe place for anyone to have those choices and we listen to each other as, you know, the campaigns go on. Some of us support Donald Trump, some of us support Bernie Sanders, some of us support Ted Cruz. This was just chalk on the ground to us.”

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