The CW “Flash” Review

Reid “Sawcy” Potts

“My name is Barry Allen.  I am the fastest man alive.”
Hearing those words finally drove home the fact that “The Flash” is here, and, hopefully, here to stay.
The latest comic book show (until “Constantine” drops, and then the dozen or so after that) follows the life and times of DC’s “Scarlet Speedster.”
I won’t compare it too much to the comics because that might inadvertently spoil stuff for new fans who are just watching the show, even though you should read the comics, too.
After two episodes, the show looks good.
Barry Allen is a chronically late assistant forensic investigator who, in his spare time, researches every strange crime he can find.
He does this so he can find whoever — or whatever — killed his mother when he was a child.
His father was arrested for the murder, but, in reality, she was killed by these red and yellow blurs of lightning that whirled around her.
After that, Detective Joe West — the father of Barry’s close friend, and eventual love interest, Iris West, raises Barry.
Flash forward to the present day, and not only do we see Barry constantly ticking off those closest to him because he’s always late and off in the world of the weird, but we also see STAR Labs’ particle accelerator malfunction, which sets off the show.
Barry is struck by lightning in his lab and goes into a coma for nine months, but, when he awakes, he soon realizes the super storm gave him super speed.
I was initially skeptical of Grant Gustin as the “Grand Vizier of Velocity,” but his goofy charm as Barry Allen in “Arrow” and now his desire to protect and serve the people of Central City as a hero here won me over.
As much as I like Iris in the comics, her character here, played by Candice Patton, hasn’t gotten much time to shine in the first two episodes.
There’s not much to say about Rick Cosnett’s detective Eddie Thawne yet, either, although fans of the comic will be excited by the name.
I’m a fan of Jesse L. Martin as Joe West (is it just me, or does he always look like he’s on the verge of tears?). And how cool is it that they got John Wesley Shipp (Wally West Flash from the 1990s series) to play Barry’s dad, Henry Allen?
Other than Eddie Thawne, the biggest teases have to come from the STAR Labs scientists who help Barry.
Again, comic fans know that Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) could potentially play much larger roles, but I’m loving Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh).
He’s been responsible for both cliffhangers of the first two episodes, and I fanboyed hard after the first one.
Speaking of awesome, the powers of the Sultan of Speed, Weather Wizard and Multiplex look good.
Barry’s narration in the episodes is pretty cool, too, because that’s one of the smaller yet nicer touches from the comics.
Also, keep your eyes open, fans, for there are Easter eggs aplenty — especially in the first episode.
My main complaints of the show have to do with comparisons to both “Arrow” and “Smallville.”
For the most part, I do enjoy the flashbacks in “Arrow,” and so far they’re done well here, but I’m worried they’re going to feel really forced really soon.
I also really don’t want to have another monster-of-the-week show where every villain is powered by the same event that created the hero.
That got old quickly in “Smallville,” and it could potentially do the same in “Flash.”
I have another minor complaint about how the villains have been handled so far, too, but I won’t go into spoilers with it.  Just know it’s a complaint about some of the villain-handling in “Arrow,” as well.
All in all, “The Flash” looks great, feels fun and is setting up one heck of a world.

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